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Big Issue vendor deaths ‘senseless’

THE founder of the Big Issue last night condemned the fatal stabbings of two vendors in a city centre as "utterly senseless". The two men who died in the incident in a busy shopping street in Birmingham were “well-liked, well mannered”...

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India loan scam hits Britons for £10m

THOUSANDS of British people have fallen victim to a multimillion-pound

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Journalist and author Robert Kee dies at 93

Journalist and author Robert Kee dies at 93

BROADCASTER and author Robert Kee has died aged 93. Best known for his seminal

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Ed Miliband takes aim at rogue landlords

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband yesterday outlined his party's plans to make the housing market fairer for people who rent their homes privately. In a speech to the Fabian Society, he said Britain was in danger of having two nations, of homeowners and...

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Splash! is a right mish mash

★MUCH has been made of how utterly dire ITV1's Splash! is. And there are so many things wrong with it. From Jo Brand being on the panel to ITV sucking any last drop of Olympic good spirit out of the country. But mainly Vernon Kay's shorts -...

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Unbelievable viewing

★INTERESTING scheduling of the week... The Undateables on C4, Tuesday night at 9pm. Followed by The Unwatchables on Channel 5 at 10pm - mainly Paula Hamilton and whatsit from The Hills.

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TV turn-ons

ANOTHER fantastic episode of Africa (BBC1) - incredible filming and storytelling... Lewis (ITV1) - the crime crew are back with some great drama... Sarah Millican's hilarious stand-in on The One Show (BBC1) - the stand-up added great comedy.

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TV Turn-offs

The Splash! z-elebrities (ITV1) - Joey Essex? Caprice? You'd want to push most of them off the high board... Christine Bleakley's hair on Dancing On Ice (ITV1) - the stylist needs a word... Richard Hammond's Secret Service (BBC1) - bring back Total...

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Off the rails with Mr Selfridge

★FANTASTIC drama on ITV1 in the form of Mr Selfridge, with former Corrie star Katherine Kelly putting in a top performance. Based around the tale of the man who set up the famous department store in London, it was fascinators and gloves at...

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THIS week's WiseCrack comes from Jamie Oliver on his 30-Minute Meals show on Channel 4. While making one of his dishes, the celebrity chef said: "Now I'm just

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For crying out cloud

★POOR BBC2. It scheduled a brilliant Stargazing Live... only to not be able to see any stars. In fact, the stargazers standing under heavy clouds (and Brian May's expanding hair) in Macclesfield looked thoroughly peed off. They appeared as...

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Dancing on Ice is still a load of Bol-ero

Dancing on Ice, where

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