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Workers blows whistle on alarm sharks as they form new company

A FORMER salesman yesterday revealed how bosses of dodgy alarm firm SAS Fire and Security are back in business - with a new firm but the same old tricks. Jim Melrose, 52, was a security consultant with alarm sharks SAS when he transferred to Skynet...


Killer of Zoe Nelson wanted to bet with prison guards on not guilty verdict

robert bayne Image 1 COCKY killer Robert Bayne tried to place a bet with guards that he would get away with murdering his girlfriend Zoe Nelson. The tattooed bodybuilder, 21, told Reliance Security staff in court cells that he was certain to get a not...


Third World Britain's feelbad factor

But that was just one sign in the Budget of Britain's unenviable status as a submerging-market economy. Another came with the lengthy tax information and impact notes that accompanied the Budget report. Here, each and every measure, even the most...


TV funnygirl reveals the astonishing inspiration behind her career

kirsty strain, m.e sufferer who stars in bbc comedy burnistoun Image 1 KIRSTY STRAIN is getting used to being laughed at. As one of the stars of BBC Scotland comedy show Burnistoun, the actress and model is usually on the end of a punchline. In the...


Goody two shoes Adam Ant reveals why he is hitting the road after 15 years

adam ant Image 2 WHEN I pressed the play button on my answerphone, the voice was instantly recognisable. "Billy... it's Adam Ant, you've got to help me. They've locked me up in a lunatic asylum and won't let me out. Please come and get me."...


Army top brass hail dawn raid success as Argylls blitz Taliban

soldiers from the argyll and sutherland highlanders took part in operation cobra braveheart Image 1 SCOTTISH soldiers took out a Taliban warlord and a feared sniper in a dawn raid on an enemy fortress in Helmand. It was their third blitz on Afghan...


Computer system designed for Crown Office ditched - despite £2.3m investment

THE government have axed plans to install a new computer system after spending £2.3million on tests. The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service were due to put Phoenix in their offices across Scotland after a two-year trial. But the project has...

Six times to hell and back in Chernobyl, says nuclear jumper

Six times to hell and back in Chernobyl, says nuclear "jumper"

The Ukrainian-American was a volunteer "jumper" who helped clean up after the nuclear disaster in the town of Chernobyl in the former Soviet Union in April, 1986. These are people who jump into a radioactive area to clear debris or mend...

Southwest Airlines grounds jets over mid-air hole scare

Southwest Airlines grounds jets over mid-air hole scare

The US carrier Southwest Airlines has grounded for inspection about 80 of its planes after a hole opened up in mid-air in the roof of one of its aircraft. Investigators have ruled out terrorism, but so far have not been able to establish the cause of...

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AC/DC star Rudd beats pot charge

AC/DC star Rudd beats pot charge

Ac/Dc rocker Phil Rudd has seen his conviction for cannabis possession quashed by a judge in New Zealand so it won't prevent him from touring the world with the band. The drummer was caught with 25 grams of the drug in October following a police raid...

Schwarzenegger in comic hero race

Schwarzenegger in comic hero race

Arnold Schwarzenegger and superhero icon Stan Lee are racing to complete a prototype comic book featuring the movie star's new action man The Governator in time for the upcoming Comic-Con festival in San Diego, California. The former California...

Shields to play Morticia on Broadway

Shields to play Morticia on Broadway

Actress Brooke Shields is heading back to Broadway - as Morticia Addams. The former child star has signed on to replace Bebe Neuwirth in The Addams Family musical from the end of June. Shields says, "I?m delighted. I found it to be wonderfully...

Hurley starts divorce proceedings

Hurley starts divorce proceedings

Actress Elizabeth Hurley has begun divorce proceedings to officially end her four-year marriage to Arun Nayar. The Austin Powers star cited the millionaire businessman's "unreasonable behaviour" in her petition to end the union, which was...

Sheen and Mueller agree to monthly drug tests

Sheen and Mueller agree to monthly drug tests

Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife Brooke Mueller will undergo random drug tests every month as part of their formalised custody agreement. The former couple has thrashed out the details of their custody arrangements for their twin sons, Bob and...

Depressed Lowe was suicidal

Depressed Lowe was suicidal

Singer Pearl Lowe has opened up about her struggle with depression, revealing she contemplated "ending it all" when her daughter Daisy moved out. The former Powder frontwoman was grappling with drug addiction while her partner, Supergrass...


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