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Bernard Ingham: Britannia sets sail, leaving EU’s sinking ship behind

AT last the great day has arrived. Today the Government will fire the starting pistol for extricating the UK from the European Union. It is unlikely that Remainers such as Michael Heseltine will compare it to
rats leaving a sinking ship. After all, he an

today, 01:01 in Yorkshire & Humber

GP Taylor: A welcome for our nation’s bright future

THIS is a day that I have been waiting for many years to see. Finally, I wake up in a land that can, in two years, become a self-determining nation. Our borders will once again become our own and the fish in our seas will be there for the benefit of Brit

today, 00:55 in Yorkshire & Humber

YP Comment: Brexit and aday of reckoning – now there’s no turning back

THERE’S no turning back. Today’s triggering of Brexit’s Article 50 is the final ratification of last June’s referendum when Britain voted to leave the European Union. History will judge whether this landmark is remembered in time as one of destiny for a

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It’s good to talk: Is ‘pink and fluffy’ the way forward for football policing in Yorkshire?

The scene at The Queen pub in Bradford city centre two hours before Bradford City played Oldham Athletic on April 5, 2014, would have been a familiar one to the police officers who regularly keep the peace at local football matches. Inside the pub was a

today, 00:15 in Yorkshire & Humber

May: ‘I’ll represent everyone in Brexit talks - including EU nationals’

THERESA May will promise to stand up for every person in the UK in the Brexit talks as she formally tells Brussels on Wednesday that Britain is leaving the European Union. The Prime Minister will explicitly pledge to represent EU nationals in the UK in t

yesterday, 22:16 in Yorkshire & Humber

Man arrested on suspicion of murdering Yorkshire dad found stabbed to death

A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of Sheffield dad Jordan Hill. Jordan, aged 21, was stabbed to death inside his home on Southey Avenue, Longley on Thursday, March 23. Emergency services were called to the flat at around 9.45pm. He wa

yesterday, 20:26 in Yorkshire & Humber

Baroness Warsi - We must look at what drives radicalisation

Baroness Warsi explains why the Government’s anti-terror policies are wrong to target the UK’s Muslim communities. Rob Hastings talked to her. “The security in this place,” says Sayeeda Warsi, glad of the protection that safeguards parliamentarians. “It

yesterday, 18:35 in Yorkshire & Humber

‘Eyes and ears’ needed to protect York’s priceless heritage

Heritage groups and local residents are being urged to be the eyes and ears of the police in Yorkshire’s most visited city to stop criminals targeting its historic assets. The York Heritage Watch group was launched today in a bid to stop the thefts and c

yesterday, 18:30 in Yorkshire & Humber


From: H Santiuste, Coningsburgh Road, Edenthorpe, Doncaster. After learning of the dreadful attack on Parliament I tried to find solace in William Wordsworth’s lovely poem “Upon Westminster Bridge” – “Earth has not anything to show more fair...” Sadly it

yesterday, 17:43 in Yorkshire & Humber

YP Letters: Drax boss – Biomass is a cleaner form of technology

From: Andy Koss, CEO, Drax Power, Selby, North Yorkshire. USING biomass technology to generate electricity is a renewable and cleaner form of energy, and Dr AM Bostyn (The Yorkshire Post, March 22) is mistaken in the claims he makes. The sustainably-sour

yesterday, 17:43 in Yorkshire & Humber

YP Letters: Reality will dawn in next year for Brexiteers to see folly

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley. I WAS discussing with a friend the steps being taken by Mrs May’s government to cut our ties with the EU. We both speculated on a scenario where a film screenwriter had attempted to devise a plot about

yesterday, 17:43 in Yorkshire & Humber

Knife robbers snatch cash during Leeds Building Society raid

Armed robbers threatened Leeds Building Society staff with a knife during a raid. Detectives are appealing for information after the incident at the Street Lane branch in Roundhay on Wednesday, March 22. It occurred at around 2.10pm, when three suspects

yesterday, 17:43 in Yorkshire & Humber

Trivial and deliberately provocative, Sarah Vine’s Legs-it column was a very bad day at the office

Most parenting books recommend ignoring an attention-seeking toddler. The same advice could equally be applied to Sarah Vine. But just as most parents duly carry on making the tea for the first five minutes of a tantrum, naughty children just don’t stop.

yesterday, 17:27 in Yorkshire & Humber

North York Moors records tourism recovery despite years of cuts

Huge strides have been taken to improve the value of tourism in the North York Moors, a decade after income from visitors to the National Park started to decline. Tourism’s worth to an area of the region prized for its beautiful landscapes has risen in e

yesterday, 16:35 in Yorkshire & Humber

Brexit analysis: Two years to thrash out a deal

FROM trade rules to counterterrorism co-operation, there has been no shortage of focus on the major issues where Britain and the European Union must find agreement in the coming negotiations. But it is only looking at the whole range of areas regulated o

yesterday, 16:30 in Yorkshire & Humber

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