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Lib Dem manifesto – who is it for exactly?

0 Have your say The 2015 general election left the Liberal Democrats on a precipice. The party was reduced to just eight MPs, a much shrunken local government base, and had been dethroned from its traditional position as the third party of British politi

yesterday, 09:39 in Regional East

ELECTION 2017 ROUND-UP: Polls predict ‘bluewash’ as Emily Thornberry turns airwaves blue

0 Have your say The election machines have well and truly kicked into gear, so who’s had a good week, and who’s had a bad week on the campaign trail?

Friday, 10:45 in Regional East

Worksop basking in a ‘staggering’ property price boom

0 Have your say Worksop has been basking in a property price boom over the past 12 months, says a sales and lettings expert. Property transactions have generated an extremely healthy £137 million in business through the town since this time in 2016. And

Thursday, 12:26 in Regional East

Retailer relocation leads Worksop shoppers out of town

0 Have your say A leading high street retailer has completed its move from Worksop to the edge of town, where it hopes to offer an improved customers experience. Argos opened a new outlet at the Sainsbury’s superstore on Highgrounds Road on Wednesday, Ma

Wednesday, 19:46 in Regional East

Entries open for North Notts Business Women Awards 2017

0 Have your say The North Notts Business Women Awards for 2017 are now open for entries, offering budding entrepreneurs an opportunity for recognition. Award judges are looking to find the female business professionals whose achievements have really stoo

Wednesday, 14:06 in Regional East

ELECTION 2017: Labour quizzed on costing of manifesto promises

0 Have your say Labour’s election manifesto launch was overshadowed by fresh questions over how it would pay for a string ambitious promises costing billions of pounds. The party insisted an annual increase in day-to-day spending of around £49bn on polic

Wednesday, 11:14 in Regional East

TV news coverage of the 2017 election isn’t giving you the full picture – especially about Jeremy Corbyn

0 Have your say Vox pops made up over one-third of all election news sources on the UK’s nightly television bulletins in the first week of the 2017 election campaign, our study has found. While politicians made up the majority of appearances, 36.4% of so

16 May 2017 in Regional East

ELECTION 2017 - Fact Check: are fewer people switching gas or electricity company?

0 Have your say “We wanted to see more competition. We wanted to see more people able to switch between energy users [sic], that, over the last three or four years has not happened. This is a market that is not working perfectly and therefore we are inte

15 May 2017 in Regional East

ELECTION 2017: Daily election diary

0 Have your say It was a good day for Theresa May whose reported row with Philip Hammond was completely overshadowed by Labour’s leaked manifesto. But it was a bad day for the poor cameraman whose foot was run over by a car carrying Jeremy Corbyn to the

12 May 2017 in Regional East

ELECTION 2017: Every election, politicians ignore England – here’s why

0 Have your say Simon Lee is senior lecturer in politics at University of Hull. In UK general elections, England matters. It accounts for 82% or 533 out of 650 constituencies in the national parliament. At the 2015 general election, 318 (or 96%) of the C

11 May 2017 in Regional East

COLUMN: Are we becoming dependent on medication?

0 Have your say In the last decade the prescribing of antidepressants in the UK has doubled. The rates have increased dramatically from just over 31 million in 2005 to around 61 million in 2015. Worldwide in terms of countries who have the highest amount

11 May 2017 in Regional East

Theresa May supports return of fox hunting

3 Have your say The Tories will renew a pledge to hold a free vote on overturning the ban on fox hunting, Theresa May told voters last night. Speaking during a tour of the Leeds factory, the Prime Minister said she was in favour of the outlawed activity

10 May 2017 in Regional East

COLUMN: How do we relate to others in our time of need?

0 Have your say One of the questions I have found myself asking more and more recently is how do we communicate our feelings to others? Partially this is because of my experience working with couples in therapy, but also it is something a friend of mine

10 May 2017 in Regional East

ELECTION 2017: What does President Macron mean for Brexit?

0 Have your say The campaign for the French presidency revealed a stark fault line on Europe. The openly pro-European Emmanuel Macron called for the EU to be strengthened while the staunchly anti-EU Marine Le Pen promised a referendum on Frexit. Victory

9 May 2017 in Regional East

COLUMN: Let’s break the taboo surrounding male suicide

0 Have your say In 2014 it was believed 76 per cent of all suicides were by men (4623). This equated to 12 deaths per day which is staggering. It is now widely believed to be the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. But why is it that whi

9 May 2017 in Regional East

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