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UK downplayed Robert Mugabe massacre in Zimbabwe

British officials deliberately downplayed the massacre of thousands of Robert Mugabe's opponents in Zimbabwe in the 1980s, newly released documents have revealed. Who did what? Mugabe swept to power in what was then Rhodesia in 1980, when his Zanu-PF par

Friday, 11:19 in Auto

Tom Davies: Man of vision

My approach to eyewear has always been to make the best glasses humanly possible. I use the highest-quality materials with the most meticulous craftsmanship to manufacture and finish frames individually for each customer. When I opened my first Tom Davie

Friday, 10:36 in Auto

Chelsea transfer news: Aubameyang joins Lukaku and Morata on hit list

First Alvaro Morata, then Romelu Lukaku and now Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the rumour mill concerning Chelsea's hunt for a new striker is going into overdrive as the summer transfer window approaches. While it seems certain that Diego Costa will head to

Friday, 09:55 in Sport

Where to dine during the Chelsea Flower Show

Bluebird Chelsea For fans of floral flavours, there's much to delight in at Bluebird, which has been transformed with impressive flower installations adorning its terraces. To coincide with the show, it's running a special afternoon tea, which features a

Friday, 09:53 in Auto

Michelin-starred tuition at the Northcote Cookery School

The chef no doubt means well when he tells us that his students boast a 100 per cent success rate for the final dish of the day - a tricky apple crumble souffle - but nevertheless, the reassurance serves to plant the nagging doubt that one of the six of

Friday, 09:53 in Auto

The Week Unwrapped podcast 19: Chelsea Manning, crowdfunding and cricket strikes

Olly Mann joins The Week's Jonathan Harwood, Arion McNicoll and Elizabeth Carr-Ellis to delve behind the headlines and debate what matters from the past seven days.  You can subscribe to The Week Unwrapped on iTunes, SoundCloud or wherever you get your p

Friday, 08:32 in Sport

Dutch king reveals double life as airline pilot

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has let slip that he has been secretly flying passengers on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flights for more than two decades. The avid aviator spoke about his double life to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, saying he found

Friday, 00:53 in Auto

Denon Heos 7 HS2: The Week reviews Sonos's rival

Network speakers are becoming increasing appealing for those looking to fit their homes with sound systems that can be controlled using a smartphone. They are significantly more convenient than a conventional music dock and often cheaper to buy than a de

Thursday, 16:22 in Business

Paris restaurant L'Arpege named best in Europe

Respected restaurant ranking site Opinionated About Dining (OAD) has announced its 2017 Top 100+ European restaurants list - and Alain Passard's L'Arpege has been declared the best in Europe. The annual ranking celebrating the best restaurants across Eur

Thursday, 16:17 in Auto

Could Donald Trump be impeached?

As the fallout from the sacking of former FBI director James Comey continues to plague President Donald Trump, Washington has started using the "i" word - impeachment. "It isn't a word people throw around lightly in Washington",...

Thursday, 15:58 in Politics
Vanessa Bell and Patti Smith at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Vanessa Bell and Patti Smith at Dulwich Picture Gallery

I didn't know Patti Smith as anything other than a rock icon – the hair, the image – but when my co-curator Sarah Milroy saw photos she took of Charleston, the home of Vanessa Bell, I was intrigued. I thought it could make an interesting parallel display

Thursday, 14:26 in Auto

London and the UK’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants

The Clove Club One of British cuisine's biggest success stories, The Clove Club has gone from supper club to the number one dining destination in the country, as rated by the World's 50 Best Restaurants. Those who are vegetarian need not miss out on its

Thursday, 14:26 in Auto

Lib Dem manifesto 2017: Tim Farron's key policies

The Lib Dems have put Brexit at the heart of their manifesto, vowing to hold a vote on the final deal that would include an option to remain in the EU. Launching his party's policy document yesterday, leader Tim Farron said "people, not...

Thursday, 13:31 in Politics

Chelsea transfer news: £70m Romelu Lukaku deal is back on

Twenty four hours is a lifetime in the transfer market rumour mill as Romelu Lukaku can probably testify. On Wednesday it was stated with 100 per cent certainty that Chelsea gaffer Antonio Conte had shelved his plans to sign the Everton striker and was f

Thursday, 10:39 in Sport

Lib Dem manifesto 2017: What the papers say

The Liberal Democrat manifesto launch prompts the question: "Have they become Ukip in reverse?", says ITV's Robert Peston, adding: are they "a single issue party, in favour of keeping the UK in the EU?" There is no question the...

Thursday, 08:08 in Politics

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