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Eleanor Rigby's grave goes up for auction

If you've already got Ringo's drumstick and George's sitar string in your Beatles memorabilia collection, an unusual auction is offering the chance to go one step further and own Eleanor Rigby's grave. The song of the same name, written by Paul McCartney

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Gateway to gorillas: A guide to Kigali

By reputation, Kigali is dull: a place in which to land – including aboard Rwandair’s new direct services from Gatwick – and then leave, en route to wonderful wildlife. Bad move. Rwanda’s capital thrills with its mix of expat-run coffee bars, feminist Mu

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Can EFTA solve the Brexit trade courts conundrum?

It's described as among the most "intractable disputes of the Brexit process" by The Times and "one of the totemic aims of Eurosceptics" by The Guardian. Theresa May's pledge that the UK will take back "control of our...

Monday, 14:58 in Business

Hotel Camiral review: Girona's luxury launchpad

While Barcelona is awash with luxury lodgings, its small but perfectly formed sister city of Girona offers a more exclusive selection. In fact, visitors looking for a five-star property have a choice of one: the Hotel Camiral. It's just as well it's a go

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Mercedes-Maybach unveils its Vision 6 Cabriolet

Mercedes-Maybach has revealed a drop-top version of its all-electric Vision 6 concept at the Pebble Beach luxury car show in California. It's called the Vision 6 Cabriolet and it's powered entirely by electric motors, which are attached to a battery pack

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Blue dogs appear in Navi Mumbai

Usually ignored, the stray dogs of the southern Indian city Navi Mumbai have caused a stir this week after a number of them turned bright blue. Concern was raised after photos and videos of the turquoise dogs were shared on social media sites. Activists

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Britain's 'big four' supermarkets fight for their lives

This morning's news that Asda's quarterly sales figures have risen for the first time in three years garnered a number of headlines and was greeted with palpable relief by bosses.  But in some respects the warm reaction to a modest and unusual increase i

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Bunnings loses £54m in first year running Homebase

The UK arm of the Australian garden centre chain Bunnings recorded a loss of £54m for last year, marking a difficult first 12 months in charge of former Argos stablemate Homebase. Bunnings bought the British DIY retailer in January 2016 for £340m, in the

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Could your rare 50p coin be worth 1,000 times its face value?

The 50 pence piece depicting Kew Gardens has been named the most coveted coin of its kind in circulation and could fetch more than 1,000 times its face value, the Daily Telegraph reports.   The coin, which features Kew's Japanese pagoda, has maintained i

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How covert Kiwis could topple the Australian government

It is a scandal that has touched on the comedic and the absurd but now it threatens to take down the Australian government. When Scott Ludlam, a senator for Western Australia, hit the tweet button two weeks ago he "triggered a scandal that has...

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Miggo's Pictar One turns your iPhone into a traditional camera

Smartphone makers now fit high-quality cameras into their ultra-thin devices, leading some people to use their mobiles for professional photo and video shoots in preference to purpose-built DSLRs.  But while phone cameras have become more complex, the de

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Wahhabism: What is it and why does it matter?

It's been called a "deadly scripture", the inspiration for Islamic State and "the main source of global terrorism". But what exactly is Wahhabism and why is it so controversial?  A return to a "purer" form of Islam...

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BT to scrap half of phone boxes after 90% drop in usage

Phone boxes are set to take another step towards obsoletion as BT announced plans to scrap half of the UK's 40,000 remaining public telephone booths because of a 90 per cent drop in usage over the past decade. The rise of mobile phones since the turn of

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Why do companies like Argos fail to pay the minimum wage?

This morning Argos became the latest household name to be "named and shamed" by HMRC for failing to pay tens of thousands of staff the legal minimum wage. Unions always publish comments in response to these half-yearly lists questioning the...

Thursday, 22:36 in Auto

Connect Modular 45: TAG Heuer's 'beautiful' smartwatch

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has an all-new smartwatch on the market called the Connected Modular 45. The device gives watch enthusiasts the chance to wear a luxury timepiece designed to keep them up-to-date with their home and work lives.  This is TAG's s

Thursday, 15:57 in Business

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