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Audi Q7 SUV: 2016 prices, reviews and specs

Audi's SUV line-up is growing at a rapid rate, and the company's Q range is now four models strong thanks to the recent addition of the new Q2 crossover. The Q7 remains the range topper. It's Audi's largest SUV, and the company's answer to the likes of t

yesterday, 12:09 in Auto

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Best Android phone 2016

Since its launch in March, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has cemented itself as one of – if not the best – Android smartphones on the market, thanks to its impressive build, power and gorgeous display. It's been a serious hit with the critics, too, and is the de

yesterday, 09:26 in Auto

2016 Renault Kadjar: Prices and specs

One of two Renault entries in the competitive crossover market is the Kadjar, the French firm's answer to the Nissan Qashqai. The Renault Kadjar is the closest rival to the market leading Nissan Qashqai, not just in terms of quality, but what lurks under

Monday, 14:22 in Auto

Kodak Ektra: The smartphone for photography purists

Less a phone with a camera than a camera with a phone, the Kodak Ektra is aimed squarely at the serious photographer. The name is familiar to many of us. It first appeared in 1941 on Kodak's groundbreaking rangefinder camera, now considered a design clas

Friday, 12:33 in Auto

US election 2016: Will Chelsea Clinton take on first lady duties?

If Hillary Clinton is elected president next month, her husband Bill will become the first male presidential spouse in US history – but could it be their daughter Chelsea who takes on the traditional first lady role? What will Bill Clinton's title be? Se

Thursday, 11:49 in Politics

McLaren on Ice: The ultimate petrolhead winter break?

Supercars and snow don't mix, but ice-driving holidays are becoming more and more popular.  Porsche and Lamborghini both offer the chance to sample their cars on the slippery stuff. Now McLaren is the latest giving petrolheads the ultimate ski-trip alter

Wednesday, 15:49 in Auto

Audi Q3 2016: Prices and specs

Audi's range of SUVs is growing at an exponential rate, with the Q2 joining the pack to displace the Q3 as the marque's smallest and cheapest crossover. Nevertheless, the Q3 is still an appealing car, says Auto Express, which calls it a...

18 October 2016 in Auto

Jo Levin spills the secrets on her first fragrance, OdeJo

The story behind OdeJo happened about 30 years ago. I came across an oil in America, and I would combine it with my shower gel that was scented with rose. People would come up to me and say: "God, you smell so good!" and I would reply:...

18 October 2016 in Auto

Five financial milestones

Buying a house “An Englishman’s home is his castle,” as the old adage goes. It’s true: property is often considered one of the most stable investments, mostly because it acts as a roof over our heads too. With looming financial uncertainty ahead, it’s re

17 October 2016 in Business

Building a family property portfolio

Before the referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, many experts predicted that economic uncertainty in the event of a Leave victory would cause house prices to fall, but so far, those predictions have yet to be proven. Since the EU exit vote, house

17 October 2016 in Showbiz

The Glenlivet: 1966 and all that

I'm very proud The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1966 has my name on it, but the creation of it has been nurtured by a succession of master distillers, starting with Bob Arthur in 1966 and the baton has been passed to me as we cross the line. I

17 October 2016 in Auto

Tax credit: What you can claim and how they're changing

Tax credits were one of the big stories of last year, with an unprecedented House of Lords rebellion prompting a humiliating climbdown for then chancellor George Osborne. But there are still big changes happening for the in-work benefits system. Here's e

16 October 2016 in Auto

SCG 003S: The 217mph hypercar that can pull 2G

A new Italian-American hypercar set to be unveiled in production form at next year's Geneva Motor Show looks set to be a rival for Aston Martin and Red Bull's upcoming AM-RB 001 – this is a hypercar that promises levels of performance almost as high as F

12 October 2016 in Auto

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