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Qatar given 13 demands as Gulf crisis deepens

Saudi Arabia and three other Gulf states have issued Qatar with a 13-point list of demands, including the cutting of diplomatic ties with Iran and the closure of its Al Jazeera television channels. Other demands include a halt to military cooperation wit

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Xbox One X vs One S: Which should you buy?

Microsoft has finally taken the wraps of its new, high-performance Xbox One X games console - and it's set to become the most powerful system on the market. The Xbox One X will be capable of delivering full 4K resolution graphics at 60fps, directly rival

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Climate change's small but significant consequences

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry was accused of lacking a "fundamental understanding" of science this week after he said climate change was not primarily caused by mankind. In a letter quoted by the New York Daily News, the American Society of...

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Brexit: Theresa May reveals 'fair and serious' offer on EU citizens' rights

Around three million EU migrants currently living in the UK could remain in their adopted home after Brexit under draft plans revealed by Theresa May last night. Speaking at a summit of European leaders in Brussels, the Prime Minister announced a new...

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China stands firm on North Korea

Although China has expressed frustration about North Korea's nuclear ambitions and has supported UN Security Council sanctions on its traditional ally, "the two nations' close relationship has raised concerns for the US", says Newsweek....

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OD Talamanca: A stylish addition to Ibiza's boutique hotel scene

Over the years, numerous European hotspots have proclaimed themselves the "new Ibiza", from Mykonos to Zagreb and even Budapest. But for many jet-set partygoers, the sun-soaked Balearic island remains the unchallenged nightlife capital of...

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Brexit vote one year on: The winners and losers

Today is the first anniversary of the vote for Brexit - the day former Ukip leader Nigel Farage named: "Independence day." But the UK has not left EU yet. In fact, it only began the formal process of negotiating its departure this week. That...

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Heaven scent: Penhaligon's bespoke perfume services

Few things are as personal as perfume, holding the power to instantaneously transport us back to a moment in time. But whether your choice changes with the seasons or becomes a more permanent fixture throughout your life, finding your perfect olfactory c

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Audi RS5 2017: Can it rival the BMW M4 and Mercedes C63?

A new RS5 variant of the Audi A5 coupe has officially gone on sale, replacing the ageing outgoing model that debuted seven years ago. The car, which made its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, swaps the old model's 4.2-litre naturally aspira

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Hotline Vuitton: Drake launches Louis Vuitton's latest collection in Paris

As befits a Parisian heritage brand anchored in travel, Louis Vuitton's artistic director of menswear Kim Jones is an avid explorer himself. "If I wasn't a fashion designer, I'd perhaps like to be the next David Attenborough", the Central...

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The Week Unwrapped 24: Inequality, the Balkans and divorce

Olly Mann joins The Week's Ashley Wassall, Jamie Timson and Rebecca Gillie to debate what matters from the past seven days.  You can subscribe to The Week Unwrapped on iTunes, SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts. It is produced by Matt Hill and

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Prince Harry: No one wants to be king or queen

Prince Harry says no one in the royal family wants to reign, during a candid interview in which he also discussed the trauma of walking behind his mother's coffin at the age of 12. "Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or...

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How Twitter reacted to the Queen's Speech

The Queen presided over the State Opening of Parliament today in a stripped-back version of the ceremony that saw the traditional carriage replaced by a car and the crown and ermine swopped for a blue dress and matching hat. Although it may have been dre

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Can Theresa May survive the next seven days?

A week is a long time in politics, they say, words which have a particular resonance for Theresa May. The Prime Minister "is now officially on the clock", says Vox. "If she can't strike a deal to maintain power in the next week or so,...

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Lenovo unveils its flexible laptop concept

Computer-makers are constantly experimenting with new ways to set themselves apart from the competition. Some create laptops such as the Microsoft Surface Book, which feature detachable screens so users don't need to buy a separate tablet. Others, latest

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