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’Pointless’ work performance reviews driving workers to tears

Most workers believe that performance reviews are a waste of time, a new study has found. Around two-thirds of employees, and managers, said that formal reviews were time-consuming and outdated, in a survey by software firm Adobe - who themselves have ab

today, 11:47 in Regional East

Butchers help Lung Foundation

Proceeds from the area’s 
annual butchers’ ball have been donated to the British Lung Foundation. The annual Spalding and East Elloe Master Butchers Association ball was attended by over 160 revellers and raised £1,500 for the charity. The cheque was han

today, 10:17 in Regional East

Record-breaking year for outlet

Springfields shopping outlet in Spalding has announced a 12th consecutive year of growth. Owners say the opening of 
upmarket brands such as Next, Ernest Jones, Fat Face and Starbucks have accelerated its success – and they promise more to come this year

today, 08:32 in Regional East

YOUR LETTERS: A16 pig deaths

Readers’ letters on the subject... Nothing wrong with a memorial Regarding erecting a roadside memorial to the pigs that died in the A16 lorry crash last week, there is nothing wrong with expressing concern for animals who are at our mercy – and usually,

today, 06:03 in Regional East

Time to ration the Fish-y moments...

HAYES IN THE HOUSE: By MP John Hayes Named after the well-known incident in 1987 when the eponymous BBC weather forecaster failed to predict the hurricane which subsequently had devastating effects, a ‘Michael Fish moment’ has become the description for

yesterday, 16:05 in Regional East

Theft from property in Gedney

Police are appealing for witnesses after a theft from a property in Gedney. On the night of Friday, January 13, two garden strimmers and a heavy duty battery were taken from a property on Pinstock Lane, Gedney. At the time no one was seen or heard. If an

yesterday, 14:08 in Regional East

Dog stolen in Bourne and later abandoned in Spalding

Police are appealing for witnesses after a lurcher dog was stolen from kennels in Bourne and later found abandoned in Spalding. It was taken from kennels on Spalding Road, Bourne, some time between 6pm and 10pm on Friday, January 13 and later found aband

yesterday, 13:28 in Regional East

‘Gedney Drove End ‘building blaze’ was bonfire smoke

Firefighters from Long Sutton and Holbeach responded to reports of a building fire in Gedney Drove End on Saturday afternoon. However, on arrival to the Main Road premises at 1.42pm, it was found only to be smoke from a nearby bonfire.

yesterday, 13:14 in Regional East

Sue comes up with gems for all Occasions in Spalding

In retail, times are tough, margins are increasingly difficult to achieve and new customers can be hard to come by. South Holland’s town centres have been unable to escape the scars of economic downturn as what were thriving shops have become empty premi

yesterday, 12:54 in Regional East

It’s an unfolding miracle for Dakota

A young girl from Weston Hills is gaining greater independence thanks to a miracle machine that allows her to share her thoughts with people around her. Cerebral palsy sufferer Dakota Read (12) touched the hearts of our readers who donated to our appeal

yesterday, 12:14 in Regional East

£2.7m shake-up that could see more cinema screens at Spalding’s South Holland Centre

Organisations like Lincolnshire County Council and the Department for Work and Pensions could be serving the public from the district council offices in Spalding’s Priory Road. South Holland District Council has provisionally earmarked £2.7million for re

yesterday, 08:19 in Regional East

YOUR LETTERS: Bridge is a disgrace

Regarding your story about calls for improvements to Steppingstone Bridge in Spalding, I do think the bridge should at least have a wider ramp area so that wheelchair users and people with pushchairs can use it. I would also like to say that the bridge n

yesterday, 08:19 in Regional East

Retiring ’linchpin’ of Holbeach festive lights display is praised

When the small army of volunteers responsible for putting up Holbeach’s annual display of Christmas lights comes together this year, a familiar face will be missing. After 40 years of being just “one of the team”, Patrick Limming has bowed out gracefully

yesterday, 06:36 in Regional East

YOUR LETTERS: We should safeguard vulnerable

Deplorable parenting, along with a host of other behaviours... Smoking, drug abuse, failure to use car child restraints, to secure poisonous household chemicals, to monitor children when cooking. The list is endless. All well and good punishing those par

Saturday, 20:20 in Regional East

YOUR LETTERS: A16 pig deaths

Readers’ views on the pigs that died in the lorry crash on the A16 recently. How is accident scene okay? How would your story (about calls for a roadside memorial for pigs killed in a lorry crash on the way to the abbatoir – 
editor) play out if the truc

Saturday, 16:30 in Regional East

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