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Film review: Ouija

Ouija: Origin of Evil (15) Directed by Mike Flanagan Set in 1967 Los Angeles, this prequel to the 2014 Ouija packs a slow-burning punch with plenty of scares and jumps along the way, including the obligatory creepy possessed child. The spooky events unfo

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Flood fund ‘only for wealthy parts’

Manual reveals unfair bias towards London and the south-east HUNDREDS of millions of taxpayers’ cash allocated for improving flood defences is biased towards wealthier areas such as London and parts of south-east England, research revealed yesterday. The

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Left lays out plans to tackle austerity

Activists put heads together to provide alternative to Tory cuts THE Labour Assembly Against Austerity summoned hundreds of activists to a crucial summit at the weekend to set coming priorities for the left. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Winn

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Two more make a play for Ukip leadership

TWO more Ukip politicians threw their hats in the ring to take the reins of their crisis-hit party. Suzanne Evans and Paul Nuttall announced they would stand before kicking off the latest round of right-wing bickering. Ms Evans launched a scathing attack

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Venezuela right in new coup plot

Maduro’s government exposes plans to force through regime change VENEZUELA’S socialist government exposed at the weekend the right-wing opposition’s plans for a coup, set to begin on Wednesday. United Socialist Party (PSUV) parliamentary group vice-presi

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Syria: Troops head off new al-Qaida offensive

Government forces keep up fight for Aleppo SYRIAN forces moved to head off a new al-Qaida offensive against Aleppo yesterday, capturing ground and bombing militants. Troops and Lebanese Hezbollah guerillas liberated the Air Defence Battalion base south-w

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Iraq: Army advances on Isis stronghold and Turkish base

IRAQI forces advanced closer to the Islamic State (Isis) stronghold city of Mosul yesterday — and to a base held by Turkish troops against Baghdad’s will. The peshmerga forces of the Turkey-friendly Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) said they had “cordon

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Labour right still in denial

JOHN McDONNELL and Diane Abbott were among the shadow ministers at Saturday’s Labour Assembly Against Austerity conference to debate the way forward in the fightback against the Tory government. That ought to have made them prime candidates for interview

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Memories of the Hungarian uprising, 60 years on

CHRIS and BETTY BIRCH were in Budapest when crowds took to the streets against the government. Here they recall the political context that led to the dramatic events of 1956 SIXTY years ago a popular uprising in Hungary led to fighting on the streets, ma

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Twin-track approach to justice for the purged

CHARLEY ALLAN describes how Labour members caught up in the Corbynista cull are fighting back against the party machine GREAT news — the purge is over! At least, that’s the mood music coming from Labour, but the reality is a bit more complicated than tha

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We must present a genuine left alternative

JOANNA SCHERINGER-WRIGHT of Germany’s Die Linke party talks to John Foster about the difficulties of working with the Social Democrats and the need to form a concrete policy on the EU BERLIN is city with a proud history of left-wing politics and still bo

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Jose humiliated in return south

United torn apart in west London by Mourinho’s old club Chelsea 4-0 Man United by Amar Azam at Stamford Bridge JOSE MOURINHO’S return to Stamford Bridge ended in humiliation as his Manchester United side were beaten in some style by former club Chelsea.

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City top league after tough test against Southampton

Man City 1-1 Southampton by James Nalton at Eastlands MANCHESTER City top the Premier League table with a quarter of the season gone, but they were given a tough test at Eastlands yesterday where they only managed a 1-1 draw with a well-organised Southam

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Cricket: Broad awaits thrilling finale in Bangladesh

STUART BROAD believes the thrilling finale that awaits England and Bangladesh on the final morning of the first Test in Chittagong will be one of the most nerve-wracking finishes of his career. But he claimed the tourists were happy to walk off the field

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The tallest tree in the forest

Gerald Horne’s excellent account of the towering legend that is Paul Robeson tells the story of a performer and activist who supported many progressive causes and the struugle for a new world order, says TOM SIBLEY Paul Robeson: The Artist as Revolutiona

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