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We Won’t Let the Racists Divide Us

Britain responds to the far-right trying to whip up hatred after the Westminster attack by Lamiat Sabin and Steve Sweeney FAR-RIGHT efforts to exploit the Westminster attack yesterday were overshadowed by calls for unity. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Lon

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Britain ‘in relegation zone’ for new mums

Research shows maternity pay is among the worst in Europe by Felicity Collier BRITAIN is one of the worst countries in Europe for maternity leave, TUC researchers reveal today. Women in Britain are only entitled to six weeks’ pay at 90 per cent of their

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State-owned banks turn backs on public

RBS announces closure of 158 branches STATE-OWNED British banks have “turned their back on communities,” unions said yesterday after 158 branch closures were announced. Almost 1,000 workers will be affected by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) announcemen

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Praise for public service heroes’ terror response

Unions pay tribute to the workers who rushed to keep Londoners safe TRADE UNIONS praised the bravery of “public service heroes” yesterday for doing “whatever was possible to save life and protect public safety despite personal risk” during Wednesday’s te

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Afghanistan: Taliban fighters take key part of Helmand

Singin district overrun despite peace talks TALIBAN fighters overran a key district in Afghanistan’s Helmand province yesterday — despite secret peace talks in Pakistan. Sangin police chief Mohammad Rasoul said the Taliban captured Sangin centre early ye

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Ukraine: Putin critic who fled to Kiev ‘killed by Moscow’

Former MP murdered in Kiev hours before he was to testify against Russia UKRAINE’S coup regime accused Moscow of the killing of a former Russian Communist MP in Kiev yesterday. Denis Voronenkov, who testified to Ukrainian investigators and criticised Rus

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Japan: Abe ‘lied’ about bungs to fascist school, says head

JAPAN’S militarist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lied about cash bungs to a fascist school chain, its head told parliament yesterday. In a sworn testimony yesterday, group principal Yasunori Kagoike told MPs that the PM had donated 1 million yen (£7,200) to

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Knowledge of family justice rules is ‘patchy’

FAMILY court judges are too overworked to publish rulings leaving the public with a “patchy understanding” of the justice system, academics warned yesterday. Judges in England and Wales are “leaving the public with a patchy understanding of the family ju

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Mini workers plan another demo to save retirements

WORKERS at the car factory where the Mini is made will stage a second protest today over bosses’ plans to close a final-salary pension scheme. The demonstration comes after talks between general union Unite and the plant’s owners BMW ended in an impasse.

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Faith leaders label outrage ‘a perversion of Islam’

RELIGIOUS leaders and experts described the Westminster terror attack as a “perversion” of Islam yesterday. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, said every ideology, whether religious or secular, has contained elements of ext

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US: Black politicians raise concerns with Trump face-to-face

LEADING black Congress members confronted US President Donald Trump yesterday about his divisive campaign rhetoric “that hurts African-Americans.” Six representatives of the Congressional Black Caucus met the president at the White House to deliver a 130

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Chile: 33 Pinochet agents jailed for communist deaths

CHILE’S Supreme Court jailed 33 intelligence agents of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship on Wednesday for the 1987 murder of five communist resistance fighters. In the longest sentences handed down in a human rights case, former National Information Cent

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Thousands bid farewell to Martin McGuinness

THOUSANDS of mourners lined the streets of Derry yesterday for the funeral of former Northern Ireland deputy first minister and IRA commander Martin McGuinness. The veteran Sinn Fein politician’s beloved Bogside came to a standstill as his remains — the

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Don't Give Way To Hate

JEREMY CORBYN’S insistence that we must not allow “fear or the voices of hatred to divide or cow us,” following the deadly events in Westminster, is wise advice. His counsel of unity and letting the police carry out their responsibilities without a choru

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Archaeopteryx takes to the skies

The fossil which proved the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds is on tour. PETER FROST explains why this scientific discovery is still relevant today CHARLES DARWIN published his earth-shattering book On the Origin of Species in 1859. The book

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