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Missile Misfire: May Knew About Trident Failure Before Vote

MPs weren’t told about crisis before making crucial decision to renew weapon THERESA MAY was pressed yesterday to come clean over her knowledge of the misfire of a Trident missile after it was confirmed yesterday that she knew about it before the crucial

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New industrial plan ‘ignores workers’

Unions slam May for focusing on bosses THERESA MAY is doomed to failure with her new industrial strategy unless she changes tack and listens to the voices of workers, unions said yesterday. Speaking at a special Cabinet event in Cheshire, the PM announce

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Doomed attack ‘laying the ground for more’

Tory Bill to restrict right to strike may fail this time round, but worse is sure to come, warn transport workers TORIES seeking to ban transport workers from going on strike today could be laying the ground for oppressive new assaults on the labour move

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Ireland - Garage shooting: ‘backward violence’

Left voices condemn destabilising Belfast gun attack on police IRISH communists and trade unionists yesterday slammed a “pointless” shooting in Belfast blamed on dissident Republicans. Motorists were filling up their vehicles on the forecourt of a north

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Syria: Stormy start to Astana peace talks

SYRIA peace talks in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana quickly turned stormy yesterday with the government and insurgents trading verbal blows. Proceedings had started promisingly, with the opposition sitting down at the same table as the Syrian delegation, so

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France: Leftist wins first-round poll for Socialists’ nomination

LEFT-WING outsider Benoit Hamon won the first round of the French Socialist Party’s presidential candidate race on Sunday night. Former PM Manuel Valls’s bid for the candidacy was thrown into doubt when he finished only second in Sunday night’s party pri

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India: Deprived of cruel bull sport, protesters turn on police

PROTESTERS against the ban on the traditional bull-taming sport rioted in India’s Tamil Nadu yesterday, stoning a police station and torching cars. The incident started after police forcibly evicted about 7,000 demonstrators from a week-long sit-in at Ma

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Tories ‘must ensure’ that projects use British steel

MINISTERS must guarantee that British steel will be used by big projects to save the ailing industry, MPs demanded yesterday, writes Conrad Landin. The all-party parliamentary group on steel and metal-related industries called on the government to act as

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Weetabix strike put on hold

A STRIKE at cereal makers Weetabix has been put on hold at two sites in Northamptonshire after workers received an offer aimed at resolving a row over shifts, shop workers union Usdaw revealed yesterday. Members of Usdaw, who backed industrial action by

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Belgium: ‘No pity’ warmonger Livni grilled by police

FORMER Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni faced a grilling by Belgian police yesterday on her arrival in Brussels over the 2008-2009 Christmas bombing of the besieged Gaza Strip. Police confirmed they would question the politician over the deaths of so

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Israel: Netanyahu’s ‘common vision’ with White House

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted US President Donald Trump’s invitation to visit the White House next month. “The prime minister expressed his desire to work closely with President Trump to forge a common vision to advance peace and

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May’s WMD willy-waving

THE office of Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted finally that she was informed about the Trident missile test at the centre of cover-up allegations prior to addressing MPs on the matter. It’s hard to see how she thought she could brazen it out after

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A fraternity of anti-imperialist states

MICHAEL QUINN outlines his new book on Ireland and the Soviet Union’s myriad friendship, trade union, political, cultural and trade interconnections between 1917 to 1991 NOW that the centenary commemorations of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin have drawn

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The US deep state’s war on Donald Trump

With Obama, the United States’s plutocratic forces slowly captured him some time after his inauguration. With Donald Trump, the Establishment has already begun to protect its interests, argues NICK WRIGHT EIGHT years ago, when Barack Obama took office, w

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Giants walking tall for working-class solidarity

Stephen Smellie writes on Scottish engineers who occupied their workplace proving that workers don’t need bosses ON THE day that President Trump was inaugurated, signalling a triumph for the rich and right-wing individualism, another event took place in

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