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Should you give money to street beggars? What police and charities say

It's a depressingly common scenario: you're walking down the high street when a dejected looking homeless person asks you for 50p for a cup of tea. While many will proudly give as much as they can to those begging on the streets, should you hand over...

yesterday, 16:24 in Yorkshire & Humber

Why roads will not be closed in Leeds tomorrow for national Clean Air Day 2018

June 21 marks clean air day 2018, a day which raises awareness about the dangers of air pollution and the different ways that people can work towards making the air cleaner. Clean Air Day typically involves people opting to either walk or cycle rather...

yesterday, 16:01 in Yorkshire & Humber

Watch out for these fake texts about your mobile phone bill

Action Fraud is warning the public about a fake text message claiming to be from mobile phone provider EE. The messages purport to be from EE and claim that you haven’t paid a bill. The link in the message leads to a phishing website designed to steal...

yesterday, 10:31 in Yorkshire & Humber

Great Exhibition of the North: Everything you need to know about this summer’s cultural extravaganza

From June 22- September 9 the Great Exhibition of the North will showcase a multitude of art, culture, design and innovation, showing the best of what the North of England has to offer. This eighty-day free event will begin with a spectacular launch...

Tuesday, 16:53 in Yorkshire & Humber

Countdown to the launch of the Great Exhibition of the North begins

Final preparations are now underway for the launch of the Great Exhibition of the North. This exhibition will showcase the best of what the region, and the rest of the North of England, has to offer, including art, culture, design and innovation. This...

Tuesday, 16:53 in Yorkshire & Humber

Yorkshire set for heatwave that could last weeks as Mediterranean air sweeps over the UK

Temperatures could rise up to 30C in Yorkshire next week as a heatwave sweeps the UK. The high pressure over the UK will bring in hot Mediterranean air and the Met office expects the warm weather to continue over the next few weeks. The next couple of...

Tuesday, 14:41 in Yorkshire & Humber

Blood-sucking flies to toxic caterpillars: the insects set to swarm England this summer

As the weather becomes warmer more and more insects come out of the woodwork, ranging from flying ants to gnats to blood-sucking flies. They can be a nuisance for many and this year will see a variety of different species swarm the country, so make...

Tuesday, 13:16 in Yorkshire & Humber

Leeds ‘UFO’ likened to Death Star makes national headlines

On May 27 2018, an unidentified flying object was reportedly seen in Leeds, making headlines in a national newspaper. Leeds resident James Goldman was attending a party in North Leeds, when he saw a “bright white light very low down, moving from one...

Tuesday, 11:01 in Yorkshire & Humber

The Symphonic Sounds of Back to Basics returns to Millennium Square next month

The Symphonic Sounds of Back to Basics returns to Millennium Square, located in the heart of Leeds city centre, on Friday 27 July, promising a highly attended musical extravaganza. This year’s collaboration between Dave Beer’s trailblazing Leeds club...

Monday, 17:07 in Yorkshire & Humber

Where to get help from in Leeds if you’re struggling with debt

If you are experiencing debt or money problems there are a variety of places in Leeds from which you can seek help and advice. There are online advice centres, local advice agencies, places where students can seek advice and a wide selection of food...

Monday, 16:57 in Yorkshire & Humber

Wetherspoons England flags 'ban': Why pubs are being asked NOT to hang England flags for World Cup

Staff at Wetherspoons pubs across England are being asked not to hang England flags for the World Cup. Guidance has also been issued around fans wearing England football shirts. -> What is magnet fishing and why is it dangerous? Reports in the...

Monday, 15:20 in Yorkshire & Humber

What is magnet fishing and why is it dangerous?

After yesterday’s shock news of the death of Leeds father and son, whose bodies were found in a Huddersfield canal after they had taken a magnet fishing trip, we take a look at this popular hobby and the danger it poses. Video: Leeds dad and son who...

Monday, 12:37 in Yorkshire & Humber

Morrisons launch £5 'Volcanic Vindaloo' ahead of England's first World Cup clash said to be TWO HUNDRED...

Yorkshire-based supermarket giant Morrisons is claiming to have developed the 'hottest ever supermarket curry' which is said to include a chilli TWO HUNDRED times hotter than a Jalapeño. Listed: Search begins for YEP Leeds curry house of the year...

Monday, 12:37 in Yorkshire & Humber

Missing 15-year-old Katie Wickham 'could be in Birstall or Mirfield'

An appeal has been made to trace a 15-year-girl who has been reported missing in West Yorkshire. Police said they are concerned for the welfare of Katie Wickham, who was last seen on Leeds Road, Bradley, at around 12.15pm today (June 16). They believe...

Saturday, 17:04 in Yorkshire & Humber

White Rose Awards 2018: Yorkshire tourism industry finalists revealed

Welcome to Yorkshire has unveiled its shortlist for the prestigious White Rose Awards. The awards recognise the best tourist attractions and businesses in the county - and over 170 of them entered this year. The winners will be revealed at the...

Saturday, 09:35 in Yorkshire & Humber

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