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Cold callers the number one irritation for Brits

Cold callers, stepping in dog poo, queue-jumpers, kids screaming in public and people walking slowing in front of you are the top five things that make Brits say ‘get me outta here’, according to a new study by The research, which polled m

yesterday, 06:55 in Regional West

Flight delay predictions ahead of half-term bank holiday

Thousands of Brits jetting off on city breaks this weekend could be faced with flight delays to popular European destinations. Travellers seeking sun during the school half-term or planning a long weekend over the upcoming Bank Holiday are likely to be d

yesterday, 06:55 in Regional West

Tesco urgently recalls lipstick and lollipop pens

Tesco has issued an urgent product recall notice for a range of pens due to fears that they could cause asphyxiation if accidentally swallowed. The Lipstick Pens - which come in a pack of two, with model #: MF9864792PK - and the Lollipop Pens, Model #: M

yesterday, 06:55 in Regional West

New housing strategy could help control student population in Leamington and Warwick

A report which could shape the future of how student housing and houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs) are managed in and around Leamington and Warwick is likely to be approved next week. Since July last year, a task group made up of Warwick district counc

Saturday, 22:17 in Regional West

Increased police presence across Warwickshire over the weekend

Warwickshire Police say they will be increasing the number of police out on the streets over the bank holiday weekend following the terror attack in Manchester on Monday. The force said that despite there being no specific threat, there would be an incre

Saturday, 16:03 in Regional West

Leamington sees increase of rough sleepers

More people used the Leamington Night Shelter in the last financial year than in the previous one, which 
suggests that homelessness is either on the rise or not being addressed in the town. This is the view of joint coordinators Margaret Moore and Chris

Saturday, 09:46 in Regional West

Kenilworth School now holds world record for largest human image of bicycle

Kenilworth School now holds the world record for the largest human image of a bicycle after smashing the old mark. 1,148 pupils, teachers, staff, as well as some councillors, all formed the shape of a bicycle in the grounds of the school on a sunny after

Friday, 18:19 in Regional West

Are you unknowingly breaking the law on the road?

One in four motorists admit to regularly ‘taking risks’ on the road, a study has found. Researchers found millions of drivers flout laws whilst behind the wheel, with speeding still the most common issue. Almost half of the 2,000 motorists who took part

Friday, 18:19 in Regional West

Warwickshire war hero Bryan Johnson laid to rest this morning

The funeral for a 95-year-old Warwickshire war hero took place in Lillington this morning (Friday May 26). Bryan Johnson, who was well-known in both Leamington and Warwick, died on March 14. His funeral was organised by Mr Johnson’s friends, the Bereavem

Friday, 18:19 in Regional West

New aerial photo shows Kenilworth Station taking shape

Kenilworth Station is starting to take shape as a new aerial photo of the site shows. Above-ground sections of the station, which is now expected to open in December after several delays, are now clearly visible. Graham Hyde of A Station for Kenilworth s

Friday, 17:01 in Regional West

ELECTION 2017: Fact Check - if 30% more people under 25 vote, could the Conservatives lose the election?

An article on The Independent is being widely shared on social media suggesting that a 30% increase in turnout among 18 to 24-year-olds would make the election of a majority Conservative government on June 8 rather unlikely. It followed a tweet by Alan F

Friday, 13:26 in Regional West

Kenilworth’s own tribute to Manchester victims at clock tower

Kenilworth has started its own tribute to those who died in the Manchester terrorist attack at the clock tower in The Square. 22 people died after suspected bomber 22-year-old Salman Abedi detonated an explosive device after a concert from popstar Ariana

Friday, 11:44 in Regional West

Greater Manchester Police warn of fraudulent online fundraising pages following bombing

In the wake of Monday‘s terrorist attack, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is warning people to be cautious of online fundraising pages. It has emerged that fraudulent pages are being set up which request donations to support the families of the victims.

Friday, 10:52 in Regional West

Police urged to step up patrols by Kenilworth takeaway worker after armed robbers hit premises

A pizza delivery driver whose premises was attacked by armed robbers has urged police to step up patrols in the east of Kenilworth following three raids in a week. Mark Pendred, a driver for Domino’s in Leyes Lane, felt criminals were not deterred enough

Friday, 10:43 in Regional West

Leamington bar owner: ‘I’ve changed my name to Batman in council battle’

Leamington pub owner Kevin Murphy has assumed a new identity in his fight to display statues of superheroes outside his business. In response to an enforcement notice from Warwick District Council asking him to remove various additions and alterations fr

Friday, 09:41 in Regional West

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