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Drum majorettes of Cape Town – a photo essay

While there have been various debates around the notions of femininity that drum majorettes represent, at many South African schools, it is taken seriously as a competitive sport. For the girls at this school, being a “drummie” is a privilege and an...

10 November 2017 in Art & Culture

Atlanta is seizing homes for 'public use' – could it be the latest gentrification tactic?

Walk into the home of Robert and Bertha Darden, and you are immediately surrounded by memories. Like many African American couples who have reached a certain age, the front room of their house is full of photos – of the Dardens in their youth, of...

10 November 2017 in World News
UK trade and growth figures in focus - business live

UK trade and growth figures in focus - business live

Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business. It’s known as Britain’s ‘other’ deficit problem -- the gap between what Britain buys from the rest of the world, and what it...

10 November 2017 in Business

Friday briefing: Trump still too unspeakable

Top story: President ‘has not earned honour’ of Westminster speech Hello, it’s Warren Murray picking the eyes out of it for you today. John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has stood by his opposition to Donald Trump giving an address in...

10 November 2017 in World News

How colonial violence came home: the ugly truth of the first world war

‘Today on the Western Front,” the German sociologist Max Weber wrote in September 1917, there “stands a dross of African and Asiatic savages and all the world’s rabble of thieves and lumpens.” Weber was referring to the millions of Indian, African,...

10 November 2017 in World News

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