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Tuesday briefing: Welcome back, Barack

Top story: ‘What’s been going on?’ says Obama Good morning, it’s Warren Murray getting you up to speed. The previous POTUS has briefly returned to the limelight, making an appearance at the University of Chicago in which he asked: “So, uh, what’s been go

Tuesday, 06:06 in World News

Great Australian photographs: Max Dupain's Sunbaker – an audio essay

Audio 1 Click on the audio buttons to hear the discussion between the Guardian Australia picture editor, Jonny Weeks, the Guardian Australia photographer, Mike Bowers, the senior curator of photography at the National Gallery of Australia, Shaune Lakin,

Monday, 10:20 in Art & Culture

Monday briefing: Macron and Le Pen make history

Top story: Relief in Europe as Macron secures lead over Le Pen Good morning, this is Bonnie Malkin bringing you a first look at the news you need to start the week. The first round of the French election is over and – as the polls predicted – independent

24 April 2017 in World News

FA Cup photo essay – road to Wembley, quarter-final: Middlesbrough v Manchester City

Beer and Breakfast The 12.15 kick-off meant that it was an earlier start than usual on Teesside. Hit the Bar opened from 10am to serve drinks and breakfast to fans from both sides. Carli McNaught, below, who opened the venue with her partner Dan Stanwick

23 April 2017 in Sport

The Resistance Now: science gets its own March

Less invasions, more equations! Expect some hilarious signs and chants at tomorrow’s March for Science, as tens of thousands of proud nerds flood the National Mall in Washington DC in a passionate defense of science. One catchy chant floating on social m

21 April 2017 in World News

Friday briefing: shadow of terror falls over Paris again

Top story: attack in Paris is ‘terrorist in nature’ Hello again, Warren Murray with your first look at today’s main stories. A shooting described by French authorities as “terrorist in nature” claimed the life of a policeman on the Champs Élysées in Pari

21 April 2017 in World News
Behind bars, beyond means: the crushing expense of loving someone in prison

Behind bars, beyond means: the crushing expense of loving someone in prison

In the half light on a quiet street on the edge of west Philadelphia, Kristal Bush shut her front door and hustled down her stone steps. She crossed the street and pulled her slim frame into the driver’s seat of her shiny, black 12-passenger Sprinter van

20 April 2017 in World News

Thursday briefing: Expect a knock on the door …

Top story: Election campaign snaps into action Hello – it’s Warren Murray digesting the news for you this morning. Jeremy Corbyn will today seek to make the election about anything but Brexit as he positions Labour outside the “cosy cartel” of British po

20 April 2017 in World News

How Marine Le Pen played the media

Like most serious political reporters, Olivier Faye, of Le Monde, professes little desire to please the people he writes about, and even less expectation that he will. This equanimity has been of particular use in his current assignment covering the Fron

20 April 2017 in World News

Wednesday briefing: Line up for the May poll dance

Top story: PM seeks a blank cheque on Brexit with early election Hello, Warren Murray here with the news you need to get started. This wasn’t part of the plan. Theresa May has done an about-face to end them all, calling a snap election in which she will

19 April 2017 in World News

102 villagers, 750 refugees, one grand experiment

Autumn There is no cinema in Sumte. There are no general stores, no pubs, gyms, cafes, markets, schools, doctors, florists, auto shops or libraries. There are no playgrounds. Some roads are paved, but others scarcely distinguish themselves from the scrub

19 April 2017 in World News

Tuesday briefing: Turkey result gets thumbs-up from Trump

Top story: Trump strikes different tone on Turkish referendum Good morning, this is Claire Phipps bringing you Tuesday’s top stories. While European leaders reacted with wariness to the – slim and contested – referendum result that has gifted sweeping ne

18 April 2017 in World News

'Neighbours to newcomers' – portraits from Tamworth

“In a country town we need to all work together, know each other,” says Tamworth resident and refugee advocate Eddie Whitham. “We need to find a common ground. It’s not going to work if we have isolated people. We want to make our town work. The hope is

17 April 2017 in World News

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