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Behind the scenes at London's globe-making workshop – a photo essay

Not many people get to step inside the workshop of Bellerby and Co. Inside a warehouse in north London, it’s home to one of the world’s only makers of artisan globes. Spheres of various sizes dot the room, freshly painted maps hang on lines across the ra

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Friday briefing: Spain – five terror suspects killed as second attack follows Barcelona

Top story: Deadly Cambrils drama in wake of Las Ramblas Hello – Warren Murray here on a morning dominated by terror attacks in Spain. Five suspects have been shot dead as police intercepted a car that was running people down in the Spanish town of Cambri

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Neoliberalism: the idea that changed the world

Neoliberalism: the idea that changed the world

Last summer, researchers at the International Monetary Fund settled a long and bitter debate over “neoliberalism”: they admitted it exists. Three senior economists at the IMF, an organisation not known for its incaution, published a paper questioning the

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Morning mail: 13 dead in Spain attack

Good morning, this is Eleanor Ainge Roy bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Friday 18 August. Top stories At least 13 people are dead and dozens injured after a van crashed into a crowd of people in Barcelona’s popular Las Ramblas area. Spani

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What happened in the Barcelona Las Ramblas attack

What happened in the Barcelona Las Ramblas attack

Graphic showing van's route A van drove into a busy tourist district A white van entered Las Ramblas, a wide boulevard in the heart of Barcelona, and continued driving for more than 500 metres while crashing into pedestrians until it hit a newspaper kios

yesterday, 20:45 in World News
End of the checkout line: the looming crisis for American cashiers

End of the checkout line: the looming crisis for American cashiers

The day before a fully automated grocery store opened its doors in 1939, the inventor Clarence Saunders took out a full page advertisement in the Memphis Press-Scimitar warning “old duds” with “cobwebby brains” to keep away. The Keedoozle, with its glass

yesterday, 08:43 in Business

'Trump's delivering exactly what they wanted: white male supremacy'

Leaning over a table stacked with “Resist!” buttons and “Impeach Trump” stickers, Kathy Harrington pointed to the offending spot. “It’s probably still there somewhere,” she said. Harrington, 56, was inviting attendees of the annual Musikfest bash in Beth

yesterday, 07:03 in World News

Thursday briefing: Steve Bannon has his Mooch moment

Top story: White House chief strategist gives accidental interview Good morning – Warren Murray bringing you today’s briefing. Donald Trump’s top White House strategist, Steve Bannon, has laid out his apocalyptic world view in a repeat of the Anthony Sca

yesterday, 06:42 in World News

Could Trump’s blundering lead to war between China and Japan?

For news out of east Asia, it is difficult to compete with North Korea’s youthful, jocular despot, Kim Jong-un, and his near-daily threats to fire a nuclear-tipped missile at US territory. On Monday, Kim was pictured surrounded by his top generals mullin

yesterday, 06:07 in World News

Morning mail: Two Bush presidents denounce far right

Good morning, this is Eleanor Ainge Roy bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Thursday 17 August. Top stories Two former US presidents have become the latest Republicans to denounce racial bigotry and speak out against the violence of the far r

Wednesday, 21:55 in World News

How black women's bodies are violated as soon as they enter school

Pulled over at a traffic stop and beaten by the side of the road. Placed in a banned chokehold by a New York City police officer. Violently taken into police custody, never to come out alive. Shot first, questions asked later. The stories and images that

Wednesday, 15:40 in World News

Floods and devastation in India, Nepal and Bangladesh – in pictures

Nearly 250 people have died in the last few days as a result of flooding and landslides that have devastated parts of northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Millions of people have been displaced across the region, and 245 people are recorded to have been

Wednesday, 07:08 in World News

Wednesday briefing: Trump's words of comfort for Nazis

Top story: When standing up to violent racists makes you just as bad … Donald Trump has worked quickly to unravel any goodwill and unity he might have engendered when he belatedly denounced white supremacists and neo-Nazis over the deadly violence in Cha

Wednesday, 06:41 in World News

Rowing in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland – in pictures

We are not a rampaging clan but a community rowing club come to reacquaint ourselves with our coastal environment and heritage on a four-day tour off the coast of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Our fleet comprised 40 rowers and sailors in five s

Wednesday, 06:36 in Travel

Morning mail: Adani accused of financial fraud

Good morning, this is Eleanor Ainge Roy bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Wednesday 16 August. Top stories A global mining giant seeking public funds to develop one of the world’s largest coalmines in Australia has been accused of fraudulen

Tuesday, 22:22 in World News

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