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Waiting for the tide to turn: Kiribati's fight for survival

Kiribati is one of the most isolated countries in the world. As you fly in to the main island of South Tarawa, located less than 100 kms from the equator, a precariously thin strip of sand and green materialises out of the ocean. On one side, a narrow...

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Morning mail: Shinzo Abe returned in landslide

Good morning, this is Eleanor Ainge Roy bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Monday 23 October. Top stories Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has secured a strong mandate in the country’s general election, according to exit polls. Abe’s...

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Conspiracy theorists – in the Oval Office and out of it – await release of JFK files

“What happened in the window is not true,” said Ron Washington, holding a magazine containing grisly autopsy photographs of the 35th president of the United States. “It was only a decoy. Here’s the evidence.” John F Kennedy was killed on 22 November...

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The Resistance Now: Democrats divided over party shakeup

Progressives ousted from Democratic national committee The DNC is meeting in Las Vegas this week for the first time since Tom Perez became chair. It should have been a moment for consolidation of the party’s left and centrist elements. But instead...

Saturday, 15:13 in World News

‘Fox 8’ by George Saunders: a fantastical tale from the Man Booker winner

Deer Reeder: First may I say, sorry for any werds I spel rong. Because I am a fox! So don’t rite or spel perfect. But here is how I lerned to rite and spel as gud as I do! One day, walking neer one of your Yuman houses, smelling all the interest with...

Saturday, 09:09 in Art & Culture

'There's no future for taxis': New York yellow cab drivers are slowly drowning in debt

The premise is familiar: MD Islam left Bangladesh and came to the United States in search of a better life. He arrived in New York, became a taxi driver, and set about following the well-trodden path of the industrious American immigrant. Then he...

Friday, 10:08 in World News

Missing murals: the lost Soviet art of the Stans

Today, many of the cities of the Central Asian Stans are defined by a new “trophy city” architecture meant to reflect modernity and progress, and to glorify the leaders who planned them. Look a bit deeper, though, and many signs of the Soviet past are...

Friday, 08:32 in World News

Friday briefing: Brussels hears Jeremy Corbyn's version of Brexit

Top story: EU wants clarity, says Labour leader Hello there – it’s Warren Murray bringing you the news at this stage of proceedings. Jeremy Corbyn has shadowed Theresa May through the corridors of power in Brussels, letting EU leaders know how Labour...

Friday, 06:35 in World News

Grieving families 'missing out on critical support'

Thousands of families are going without the support they need after losing a child or parent, according to the psychotherapist who helped princes William and Harry after the death of their mother, Princess Diana. Julia Samuel, founder patron of Child...

Friday, 06:14 in Health

Orbiting Jupiter: my week with Emmanuel Macron

The man does not perspire. I discovered that on 12 September, on the island of Saint Martin, a French territory in the Caribbean that had been devastated a few days earlier by Hurricane Irma. Uprooted trees, roofs ripped from houses, streets blocked...

Friday, 06:05 in World News

Morning mail: Jacinda Ardern takes helm in NZ

Good morning, this is Eleanor Ainge Roy bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Friday 20 October. Top stories After 26 days and 25 nights New Zealand has finally formed a government – with Labour’s charismatic Jacinda Ardern at the helm, the...

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Thursday briefing: plight of Calais child refugees revealed

Top story: one year on, still in limbo Hello and good morning, Graham Russell here bringing you the news of the day. A year after the gesture that brought unaccompanied asylum-seeker children from Calais to the UK, many remain in limbo and face...

Thursday, 06:37 in World News

Morning mail: Labor says energy plan won't cut bills

Good morning, this is Eleanor Ainge Roy bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Thursday 19 October. Top stories Labor’s Kim Carr breaks it gently to the Coalition party room that they have just given the green light to what is effectively an...

Wednesday, 21:18 in World News

Будущее статусного города? Может ли Алматы отбросить систему контроля

Из окна своего офиса на 20ом этаже одной башни в Алматы, Руслан Ассаубаев делится видением города нового типа. Новые пешеходные улицы, сеть велосипедных дорожек и автобусных полос, современный общественный транспорт - это часть пятилетнего плана,...

Wednesday, 15:17 in World News

Wednesday briefing: Children harmed by seeing parents drunk

Top story: Not in front of the children … Hello – it’s Warren Murray letting you know what’s occurring this morning. At least 30% of parents admit being “tipsy” or drunk around their children, a study has found, prompting calls for a national...

Wednesday, 06:41 in World News

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