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Eating away your feelings because of work stress? Reach for a pillow rather than a doughnut reveals first...

If you find yourself eating away feelings of work stress, you might want to try getting a better night's sleep.  Stress during the workday can lead to overeating and unhealthy food choices at dinnertime, new research warns. But a good night's sleep can c

Friday, 20:11 in Science &Technology

The FrankeniPhone 8: Leaked parts used to build a dummy of Apple's next handset

It may be nothing more than a dummy model, screen protector and a printed picture, but the latest leak might be closest look at Apple’s iPhone 8 design yet. An aspiring graphic designer has pulled together parts to create a mock-up that is based on the m

Friday, 20:11 in Science &Technology

Don't try and be a hero! Putting the weak and vulnerable first in life-or-death situations causes more...

If you ever find yourself on a sinking ship or in another life-or-death scenario, don't stop to help the elderly or children. Kind-hearted folk who try to help strangers before reaching safety themselves cause more people to die, research suggests.  This

Friday, 20:11 in Science &Technology

Children SHOULD learn to count on their fingers, researchers say

Using fingers to count is an important part of learning maths in young children, researchers have found.  They found that children who learned to count with their fingers, in combination with games involving number symbols such as dominoes, saw improveme

Friday, 20:03 in Science &Technology

SpaceX counts down to historic double launch over just 48 hours in major step forward for reusable rockets

SpaceX has revealed its plans for a ‘weekend doubleheader,’ as the firm prepares to launch two missions on opposite ends of the US. After pushing back its initial launch date for BulgariaSat-1, SpaceX has now scheduled lift-off for 3:10 p.m. today from P

Friday, 20:03 in Science &Technology

Move over Tesla: Nissan teases self-driving features for the next-generation Leaf available next year

Nissan looks to be taking on Tesla in the race to self-driving cars, with the introduction of a new feature in its next-generation Leaf electric vehicle. The cars will feature a new technology called ProPILOT Assist that supports drivers by helping contr

Friday, 20:03 in Science &Technology

Sex DOESN'T sell: Erotic adverts may be memorable - but they don't make us want to buy what's on offer

The age-old adage that sex sells may not be as accurate as we assume, according to new research. Images of scantily clad women and sexually suggestive themes are a long-standing staple of advertising campaigns. But researchers have found that, while we m

Friday, 20:03 in Science &Technology

Arsenal open talks with Lyon over a move for striker Alexandre Lacazette

Arsenal have opened talks with Lyon over a possible move for striker Alexandre Lacazette. A number of teams have registered interest in Lacazette but it is understood Arsenal are the closest to signing the France international. The 26-year-old became a N

Friday, 19:37 in Sport

Tottenham ramp up excitement among fans as Spurs share fresh photos of progress of their new stadium

With the Premier League season just under two months away and a lack of action to excite supporters, Tottenham are keeping their fans in the loop on the progress of their new and bigger stadium. Spurs fans may be sad to see their old ground of 118 years

Friday, 19:33 in Sport

Fascinating interactive maps reveal how long famous journeys from years gone by would take today

It may not seem like it during rush hour, but we're a world away from how long it took some of the most famous explorers to travel the globe. New research by a travel website shows that since 1271 travel times have decreased by 99.95 per cent. And to ill

Friday, 19:17 in Travel

British and Irish Lions are in rugby’s Disneyland but the tour of New Zealand is certainly not Mickey Mouse

They were taking in more beer at Viaduct Harbour. They have been for several days now. A couple of guys in hi-viz jackets had the barrels piled high on the quayside. ‘You’re going to need more than that,’ ribbed a cheery onlooker in Lions regalia. ‘This

Friday, 19:13 in Sport

Are autistic people at a greater risk of being radicalised? Those with the condition could be more likely...

Terror recruits often seem to come from vulnerable backgrounds. But new research suggests that those with traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) could be more at risk of being radicalised. It follows a number of high-profile cases where autism appears

Friday, 18:55 in Health

Could marijuana painkillers combat America's opioid crisis? Drugmakers testing radical new synthetic pills

Companies are taking their first steps toward developing marijuana-based painkillers, alternatives to opioids that have led to widespread abuse in the US. The cannabis plant has been used for decades to manage pain and there are increasingly sophisticate

Friday, 18:55 in Health

How your coffee machine could be making you ILL: Scientists reveal it's all to do with the steam given off...

They are the fashionable gadgets advertised by celebrities as the must-have kitchen appliance. But while a coffee machine may give you a welcome caffeine hit in the morning, it could also make you ill. The steam from these machines, combined with insulat

Friday, 18:55 in Health

Blind grandmother, 65, will be able to SEE for the first time in 40 years – following pioneering surgery...

A blind mother will be able to see clearly for the first time in 40 years - thanks to one of her teeth. Honor Davis, 65, from Northern Ireland, lost her sight when she was just 26 due to a rare skin and eye disorder.  But pioneering surgery which involve

Friday, 18:55 in Health

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