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Harry Kane reveals Tottenham held dressing room inquests to bounce back from Gent and Liverpool defeats

A dressing-room inquest between Tottenham Hotspur's players was what helped them bounce back from a week that had seen their season falter, Harry Kane has said. Defeat by Gent in Belgium left them in danger of dropping out of the Europa League and that c

yesterday, 22:50 in Sport

Manchester City must keep it tight against deadly Monaco strike force of Radamel Falcao and Kylian Mbappe

Manchester City welcome Monaco in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 tie on Tuesday.  Pep Guardiola's men will be facing one of Europe's most potent attacking sides and must be careful not to concede an away goal.  City cannot afford to be t

yesterday, 22:47 in Sport

'I've had a niggling cough for 20 years. Could it be acid reflux?' Apart from heartburn, our expert reveals...

I've had a cough for at least 20 years. My previous GP said I probably had asthma and prescribed an inhaler, but it didn't help.  My new GP says I probably don't have asthma, but silent reflux. How can I get a definitive diagnosis?  - Kirstine Jackson, S

yesterday, 22:44 in Health

Should Vitamin D be added to milk and bread to stop us getting sick? Experts reveal the 'sunshine...

Should vitamin D be added to our food?  That's the argument raging among health experts since the publication last week of research showing people who take vitamin D supplements are less likely to succumb to colds, flu and serious infections such as pneu

yesterday, 22:44 in Health

The deal that will cost Britain millions: Ministers urged to block a cheap sell-off of the Government's...

The controversial buyer of the Government’s Green Investment Bank will make hundreds of millions of pounds from the deal, it has been claimed. Australian bank Macquarie – dubbed the vampire kangaroo for its ruthless tactics when buying firms – is set for

yesterday, 22:43 in Business

DAILY BRIEFING: Poundland owner and Shoprite abandon $14bn deal to create Africa’s biggest shop network

Tie-up fails  Poundland owner Steinhoff and supermarket chain Shoprite have abandoned a $14 billion deal to create Africa’s biggest shop network.  The tie-up would have been the latest move by South African retail group Steinhoff, which bought the discou

yesterday, 22:43 in Business

CITY DIARY: How Unilever's rejection of Kraft Heinz's £115bn takeover is a choker for the investment banks

Unilever’s rejection of Kraft Heinz’s £115 billion takeover is a choker for the investment banks advising on the deal. Kraft’s advisers Lazard would have pocketed £160 million in fees.  Morgan Stanley and Centerview, retained by Unilever, will have expec

yesterday, 22:43 in Business

Italy have gotten soft in the cosy Six Nations club... Let's get real, the tough love of a relegation...

I have two serious problems with Italian rugby, and both are fundamental to their future.  The first is the structure of the Six Nations and lack of relegation in the form of a play-off against the winners of the Rugby Europe International Championships

yesterday, 22:41 in Sport

Greg Clarke rips into FA blazers over governance reform comments: 'I am dismayed... it is about respect for...

FA chairman Greg Clarke has launched a scathing attack on council blazers who spoke out following the Commons no-confidence motion on football governance reform. Clarke said he was dismayed by comments which had discredited the organisation. His anger wa

yesterday, 22:41 in Sport

Why the fasting diet DOES work: Limiting your calories for 5 days a month could 'cut your risk of cancer,...

Fasting for five days a month could cut your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, a study claims. Researchers at UCLA's Longevity Institute got groups of people to limit their calorie intake for one working week every month for three months. The d

yesterday, 22:39 in Health

Can blood pressure medication really cure a runny nose? New treatment can help millions suffering from...

A cheap pill commonly prescribed for blood pressure could also help to dry runny noses.  In a U.S. trial, verapamil reduced sniffles in those suffering from chronic sinusitis — which affects one in six people. Sinusitis develops when the nasal passages a

yesterday, 22:39 in Health

The tens of thousands of women still denied a 43p pill that can stop breast cancer spreading: Cheap...

For postmenopausal women with early breast cancer — where the tumour hasn't spread beyond the breast and lymph nodes in the armpit — there are new 'wonder' drugs that could prevent their disease going any further.  And unlike other wonder drugs, they're

yesterday, 22:39 in Health

How you can turn your mobile phone into a STETHOSCOPE: Experts reveal phone accessories that can test...

Most people will be familiar with health apps — programs you download to your phone to track the number of steps you take, for instance. But there are now devices that plug into your phone that can actually test a range of markers, including blood pressu

yesterday, 22:39 in Health

What makes chocolate so IMPOSSIBLE to resist? TV doctor reveals 13 surprising reasons why certain foods can...

Like so many who trained as doctors, I learnt very little at medical school about nutrition.  So I was thrilled to be asked to make a TV series where I would learn all about the hidden chemistry of food and what it does to our bodies at a molecular level

yesterday, 22:39 in Health

Antidepressants may not be perfect, but they DO save lives: Expert reveals how life-changing the drug can...

As a psychiatrist, I have treated thousands of people over the past 25 years for debilitating and serious clinical depression. Time and again, I've seen the impact it has on their lives and their families. And I've seen just how positive and life-changin

yesterday, 22:39 in Health

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