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One in five Brits would rather date a pet owner

0 Have your say One in five Brits say they would rather date someone with a pet, according to a new survey. Almost a third of those polled said they’d much rather smooch a pooch-owner, while a quarter said they’d more likely be feline the love with a cat

50 min. ago in Regional East

A quarter of holidaymakers have struck disaster in Spain

0 Have your say Spain is the holiday destination where you are most likely to fall ill or have your passport or money stolen, according to new research. Almost a quarter of all UK trips to Spain end up in some kind of mishap. France emerged as the Europe

today, 06:54 in Regional East

Couch potato teens ‘as sedentary as 60-year-olds’

0 Have your say Couch potato teenagers do as little exercise as 60-year olds, according to new research. The study suggests physical activity among children and adolescents is even lower than previously feared - fuelling the growing obesity epidemic. Thr

today, 06:54 in Regional East

A third of animal owners confess to ‘throwing sickies’ to tend to poorly pet

0 Have your say Nearly half of all animal owners confess that they’ve pulled a ‘sicky’ to pander to a poorly pet. A poll of 2,000 pet-lovers found that 42% have lied to their boss and bagged a day off to attend to their ailing animal. And 33% of responde

today, 06:54 in Regional East

Can you help Buckingham family whose baby will have need to wear a pacemaker for the rest of its life?

0 Have your say A Buckingham family are trying to raise funds for their 11-week-old baby Emilia after it was discovered problems with her heart mean she will have to wear a pacemaker for the rest of her life. When Emilia Holmes was just eight days old he

yesterday, 06:12 in Regional East

TOMY recall children’s toy over injury fears

0 Have your say Children’s toy manufacturer TOMY Europe has recalled a popular product over safety fears. The company have found that an internal part of its Lamaze Munching Max Chipmunk could break and create a sharp point which could prove dangerous. T

yesterday, 06:12 in Regional East

Half of us don’t know our neighbours’ names, says poll

0 Have your say More than half of all Brits don’t even know their neighbours’ full names, a survey has found. Residents across the UK are living next door to ‘thingy’ and ‘whatshisname’, after research revealed 57% don’t know their neighbours’ name. A po

yesterday, 06:12 in Regional East

Roadworks Round-Up: Includes overnight work in Aylesbury and Wendover and daytime work in Buckingham

0 Have your say There are quite a few roadworks across Aylesbury Vale next week - here’s our guide to help you avoid the queues. In Aylesbury, there are night-time works (between 7pm and 6am) on the B4443 Stoke Road from Monday 26 to Wednesday 28. In Wen

Saturday, 10:04 in Regional East

Adults under 25 “twice as likely to suffer from hay fever as those aged 55 or older”

0 Have your say Young adults are twice as likely to suffer from hay fever as those aged over 54, according to new research. The study showed that almost half of those those aged 16 to 24 (48 per cent) have experienced a seasonal allergy, such as hay feve

Saturday, 10:04 in Regional East

FARMING MATTERS: All hands on deck for sheep shearing

0 Have your say Sheep shearing is well under way around the country and we had our own small flock shorn recently, when it was a case of all hands on deck with help from family and friends who helped out with handling the ewes and rolling the fleeces. We

Saturday, 08:09 in Regional East

Why have our cars suddenly been covered in dust?

0 Have your say People across the country will have woken up this morning to find their cars covered in a mysterious red dust. But what has caused this layer of muck to be deposited on car bonnets, roofs and windscreens? The answer could well lie thousan

Saturday, 07:03 in Regional East

Moretonville Junior Football Club named best in the South of England

0 Have your say Moretonville Junior Football Club has been named as the best in the south east of England...beating more than 2,300 clubs. The special award was revealed as club representatives were at a ceremony to pick up an award for the Community Jun

Friday, 13:05 in Regional East

Northamptonshire father’s Kilimanjaro fundraiser for children’s hospice that cares for terminally ill daughter

0 Have your say A Towcester father will hike up Mount Kilimanjaro later this year to help raise funds for the hospice which takes care of his terminally ill baby daughter. In August 2015 Hugh and Demet Taylor’s daughter Melina was born, but eight weeks l

Thursday, 17:00 in Regional East

Community unites for Iftar in wake of attacks

0 Have your say Aylesbury Mosque held a huge community iftar last week to give people an insight into Ramadan and to unite the community in understanding what the faith is about. Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at suns

Thursday, 15:56 in Regional East

Editor’s column: Grenfell Tower tragedy should be a wake-up call for the government - they are cutting too...

0 Have your say In 2015 I attended a Bucks County Council meeting and the guest speaker was Tony Travers of the London School of Economics. - this is an expert free from political bias, speaking honestly about his specialism. At that time Mr Travers deli

Wednesday, 11:11 in Regional East

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