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RECENT NOSTALGIA: Follies set for farce

Farcical goings-on were guaranteed 10 years ago with Frampton Fen Follies’ latest production. Panic Stations was one of a trilogy of plays by Derek Benfield which featured the same basic group of characters headed by Chester Dreadnought, a hapless chap w

today, 17:23 in Regional East

GENERAL ELECTION: Boston and Skegness candidates talk health

Ahead of the election on June 8 we are asking each candidate – in 150 of their own words – to explain their stance on the major topics which affect your everyday lives. - this week, health. The nominations have closed...and we now know our next MP will b

today, 16:02 in Regional East

FOOD COLUMN: Summer itself in a tasty dish

Summer is just about poking its nose through the door and venturing out into the sunshine. After teasing us with mid-twenties temperatures back at the start of April, summer has been slow in coming. After an arid month, last week saw parts of Lincolnshir

today, 14:22 in Regional East

Tesco urgently recalls lipstick and lollipop pens

Tesco has issued an urgent product recall notice for a range of pens due to fears that they could cause asphyxiation if accidentally swallowed. The Lipstick Pens - which come in a pack of two, with model #: MF9864792PK - and the Lollipop Pens, Model #: M

today, 12:21 in Regional East

Intrepid fundraisers complete ‘mudder’ of all fundraisers

Six intrepid fundraisers, including five nurses from in or around Boston, have completed a punishing 10-mile-plus obstacle course for a hospice in the town. The group took on the Tough Mudder in the grounds of Belvoir Castle, near Grantham, on Saturday i

today, 06:58 in Regional East

RECENT NOSTALGIA: Colts look for new recruits

After a successful first season, a youth football team in Kirton was on the look-out for new recruits, 10 years ago. Kirton Colts were started up in the summer of 2006 by Boston United legend Paul Bastock and good friend Martin Bunce, and the two led the

yesterday, 17:15 in Regional East

TV COLUMN: The ethics of live news coverage are complex

Our television columnist James Waller-Davies gives his thoughts on the television coverage which surrounded the tragic bombing in Manchester earlier this week. There is a morbid fascination, a sort of television rubber-necking, that goes hand-in-hand wit

yesterday, 16:12 in Regional East

Students home birds in iconic town buildings

Boston birds will be able to take in some of the town’s most iconic buildings after a project by Boston College. Carpentry and joinery students who were asked to create bird boxes for the Boston in Bloom competition turned their creations into a history

yesterday, 10:11 in Regional East

On the right tracks to promote county

Thousands of London commuters tasted Lincolnshire life when representatives of the Poacher Line visited to promote the county as the place to go last week. The Poacher Line Community Rail Partnership were at London’s King Cross Railway Station to launch

yesterday, 06:41 in Regional East

Are you unknowingly breaking the law on the road?

One in four motorists admit to regularly ‘taking risks’ on the road, a study has found. Researchers found millions of drivers flout laws whilst behind the wheel, with speeding still the most common issue. Almost half of the 2,000 motorists who took part

yesterday, 06:41 in Regional East

RECENT NOSTALGIA: Sibsey pupils’ cultural lesson

Sibsey Free Primary School opened its gates to the world around this time of year in 2007 with a week of themed activities examining world culture. Special guests introduced pupils to cultural traditions from around the world, including those from Englan

yesterday, 06:41 in Regional East

Ant and Dec super-fan from Sleaford gets surprise visit from her idols

An Ant and Dec super-fan from Sleaford has described the ‘incredible’ and ‘surreal’ moment she met her idols. The Saturday Night Takeaway stars surprised 25-year-old Rebecca Grice after best friend Katie Holmes nominated her to win the ‘Suzuki Surprise’.

Friday, 16:07 in Regional East

Weather warning for heavy rain issued for Lincolnshire as county heats up this weekend

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain for Lincolnshire this weekend. While today and tomorrow morning is likely to stay dry, hot and sunny, highs of 25c, there is a yellow weather warning for rain issued for the county between

Friday, 16:07 in Regional East

Man found ‘wailing and rolling around in a pool of vomit’ was aggressive to paramedics trying to help him

Magistrates in Boston told a 20-year-old who had screamed and sworn at a female paramedic, that paramedics and police officers should be ‘allowed to get on with their jobs without harassment’. Ricards Gudovskis, who was said to be of no fixed address sin

Friday, 14:49 in Regional East

ELECTION 2017: Fact Check - if 30% more people under 25 vote, could the Conservatives lose the election?

An article on The Independent is being widely shared on social media suggesting that a 30% increase in turnout among 18 to 24-year-olds would make the election of a majority Conservative government on June 8 rather unlikely. It followed a tweet by Alan F

Friday, 10:34 in Regional East

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