Yoda-like tarsiers are our distant cousins: Cute creatures share the same branch of the evolutionary tree as humans

They may look like they’ve had one too many espressos, but a group of small, wide-eyed primates from the Philippines are our distant cousins.
Scientists have found that the tarsier - a small Yoda-like creature which can fit in the palm of your hand- evolved on the same branch of the evolutionary tree as humans.
By looking at their DNA, they revealed the pint-sized primates are related to monkeys, great apes, and humans.
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TARSIERS: UNIQUE PRIMATES The tarsier is one of the stranger members of the primate family. 
They can be found hugging the trees in the jungles of... read more

6 October 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 39
Source: Daily Mail

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