'Yeti' is blamed for causing a stampede of cows after local official sees 'animal with glowing eyes' spook the herd in Siberia… and discover giant footprint 

A new yeti 'sighting' has been made in Siberia, along with pictures of 'footprints' of the legendary creature, it is claimed.
The head of the village council in Kulyaba, Novosibirsk region, claimed he had a 'close encounter' last month that left him 'greatly scared' while also frightening the local cows.
Separately, the alleged footprint was found by a hunter and fisherman more recently some 36 miles away in the same Kyshtovsky district.
Local politician Alexander Shadrin said he was on his motorbike riding close to Kulyaba at around 10pm when he saw a herd of cows stampeding towards him.... read more

17 October 2016 in Science &Technology, Views: 42
Source: Daily Mail

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