Why you should NEVER use these hashtags on photos of young children: Expert explains how to safely post snaps of your kids online to keep them out of the hands of paedophiles

Parents are notorious for sharing every tiny detail of their child's life on the internet - whether it's their offspring running under a sprinkler in a swimming costume or the day when they're finally toilet trained.
But these seemingly innocent images can be misused by strangers online if they can find them - and it's becoming easier for them to do so if the parent posts them with hashtags.
Chairman of the Child Rescue Coalition, David Angelo, admits paedophiles are searching for tags like #BathTime, #NakedKids and #ToiletTraining to easily access snaps of children.
'While parents are... read more

6 April 2018 in Science &Technology, Views: 37
Source: Daily Mail

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