'Why won't they unblock my arteries?': Graham was refused treatment 'until he'd develop a stroke or a heart attack'

I recently had an ultrasound scan for pain on the left side of my neck and was told that I had a calcified carotid artery.
The hospital told me to take atorvastatin (which I cannot have) and clopidogrel (which may upset a separate stomach condition).
In a letter to my GP, it said: ‘Refer him to us when he develops a stroke or heart attack.’
Why must there be a life-threatening incident before it does anything? I am 68.
Graham Wiggins, Dartford, Kent.
When an artery becomes calcified, calcium deposits have built up inside the lining.
This is a sign that fatty plaques of cholesterol have... read more

10 October 2016 in Health, Views: 36
Source: Daily Mail

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