Why popping a spot could KILL you: Dermatologist reveals 'danger zone' where any infection can spread to the brain

It might be tempting to squeeze a pesky spot on your face.
But according to a Salford dermatologist it's a bad habit that can do more than just scar you. 
In rare cases, it could actually kill you, says Dr Vishal Maden.
It's all down to an area on the face known as The Danger Triangle, which is found across parts of the eyes, the bridge of the nose, the corners of the mouth and the upper lip.
He told BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast blood vessels in this zone drain back to your head and connect directly to your brain. 
Infections there could lead to vision loss, permanent paralysis, or even -... read more

7 October 2016 in Health, Views: 41
Source: Daily Mail

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