'Why I can never picture my wife's face': Colin's brain condition means he cannot form mental images and instead sees an 'empty blank space'

Ask Colin Greaves to think back to his wedding day or his first kiss, and all he can see is a blank screen. 
The same thing happens when he tries to picture his wife or children’s faces, or his last holiday. It’s just ‘an empty black space’, says Colin, 53, a psychologist from Bath.
That’s because Colin, a married father-of-two, cannot visualise things in his brain: his ‘mind’s eye’ is essentially blind.
The mind’s eye allows us to form mental images in our brain — for instance, being able to visualise what the McDonald’s arches look like or remembering someone’s face when you’re away from... read more

15 November 2016 in Health, Views: 51
Source: Daily Mail

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