Why do we go for f***boys?

Why do we go for f***boys?

The term ‘f*ckboys’ has become commonplace in millennial vernacular over recent years.
I sort of wish I could come up with a more suitable term – one which I didn’t feel I had to censor when talking to my parents.
But the noughties favourite ‘bad boy’ just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.
It fails to convey the true extent of manipulative nonsense f*ckboys will put you through. ‘Bad boys’ were guys like Jay from 5ive with his swagger and *gasp* eyebrow piercing.
You knew he was a ‘bad boy’ because it was such a transparent identity that guys used to portray. Whether or not they snuggled up... read more

13 October 2017 in Lifestyle, Views: 39
Source: Metro

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