Why do players lose all sense of reason when they score... isn't that what they train for every day? Plus, the problem with Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Man United return and Arsenal's fear of ditching Arsene Wenger

Another sly dig at Brexit in a Martin Samuel article. Let's keep the political opinions out of sports journalism, please. Glennjo95, Londonderry.
So yet again you just had to get in a snide anti-Brexit comment in a sports column. Was it necessary Martin? Do you like antagonising readers who just want to read about sport? I'm sure the Mail would happily let you sit down with Richard Littlejohn or Peter Hitchens and have a discussion about politics if you feel that strongly about it. I’d read it. I just don't want to see snide anti-Brexit comments in a conversation about football. Chase Wolf,... read more

31 August 2017 in Sport, Views: 51
Source: Daily Mail

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