What a crying shame we've lost the ability to convalesce, says one woman who's recovering from her THIRD cancer treatment

Growing up I had the usual litany of childhood illnesses: chickenpox, tonsillitis, measles, whooping cough.
When I was better, my mother, who was something of a wise woman, always allowed me an extra day off before I went back to school.
A precious day to myself when I could milk our Jersey house cow, pootle about in the woods with the dogs or push the kittens, who were always up for larks, about in my pram. A day of grace, and then I was ready to get on the school bus.
For recuperating adults, I remember the small local nursing homes where my mother’s friends went to recover from ailments... read more

28 November 2017 in Health, Views: 47
Source: Daily Mail

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