Was Thomas Muller right to have a pop at San Marino... or was the German out of order? Sportsmail's reporters have their say 

Thomas Muller caused a stir on Monday when he had a pop at San Marino after Germany beat them 8-0 in the World Cup qualifiers. If you missed it, here’s what he said:
'Matches like the one against San Marino have nothing to do with professional football.
'I do not understand the meaning of games such as these, more so with such a busy schedule.
'I understand it for them, especially playing against the world champions, I also understand that we can only defend with hard work.
'Precisely for this reason, however, I wonder if these are not games that lead to unnecessary risks.'
Does Muller have... read more

15 November 2016 in Sport, Views: 39
Source: Daily Mail

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