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From a perch in the snow-capped Alps to an oasis in the desert: The restaurants with the world's most...

The criterion that goes into creating a list of the world's best restaurants often centres around the food, the service and the ambience - rarely is the environment outside ever considered. But there are restaurants around the world, often in remote and

Daily Mail, today, 09:48

Clearing your search history WON'T get you cheaper tickets and Tuesday isn't the 'magic' day: Top flight...

The entire ordeal of booking cheap flights can, at times, feel like entering the matrix. With so many sites to choose from, and countless 'hacks' being circulated, it's hard to ever know if you're really scoring the best deal. But as travel expert Gilber

Daily Mail, yesterday, 17:17

Can YOU find the Tasmanian Tiger in this picture? Long-time seeker insists it contains proof the elusive...

A trail camera has captured an image that has sparked a debate whether one of Australia's lost animals has a sub-species living in Perth.  The footage was captured on the outskirts of Perth and shows a dog-like animal with an extremely long tail.  The ca

Daily Mail, yesterday, 17:17

Visitors to the UK take 190,000 train journeys and spend £2.5m every HOUR: Real-time infographic reveals...

Nearly 100,000 visitors enter the UK every day. And spending a combined £2.5 million every hour, they're clearly busy. According to this new infographic - which reveals what foreign tourists are doing and how they are spending their cash on a real-time b

Daily Mail, yesterday, 16:04

Holidaymakers say they were treated 'like cattle' as they blast Thomas Cook for allowing them to fly to...

A British couple have described how they were 'treated like cattle' by travel company Thomas Cook as they fled the Gambia amid political turmoil.   Jessica Chadwick, 22, and Henry Minden, 25, from Timperley, near Manchester, travelled to Gambia on a wint

Daily Mail, yesterday, 16:04

Which airline boasts the hottest flight attendants? Composite photos reveal the 'average face' of staff...

Good-looking flight attendants have always been a key sell when it comes to competing airlines.  Which is perhaps why one travel company decided to find out which carrier boasts the most beautiful of them all. Using software to generate a single 'face' f

Daily Mail, yesterday, 16:04

Our great ski gamble: Taking three small kids for their first taste of the slopes - but are they just too...

Three small children and a skiing trip – it’s not quite the recipe for a relaxing family getaway, is it?  My husband Philip and I learned to ski as teenagers and always wished we had started when we were younger, because we were awestruck by the fearless

Daily Mail, yesterday, 08:20

Is this the end to middle seat misery? New design could finish airline rows over which passengers get to...

The middle seat on a plane comes with the uncomfortable prospect of being tucked up in close proximity to two strangers for several hours - as well as a battle over who gets the armrests. However, that could all now change with a clever new design for sh

Daily Mail, yesterday, 08:20

Ancient ruins, French truffle-hunting and the mighty Giant of Provence: Six things you must do in Vaucluse 

Vaucluse, on the east bank of the Rhone in south-eastern France, is a rich tableau of winding rivers and handsome hilltop villages above vineyards and olive groves.  Suffice to say, there's plenty there to keep visitors occupied - but which activities ri

Daily Mail, yesterday, 08:20

Bowled over by Nepal: Revelling in the kingdom’s mystical beauty – and enjoying a very unusual spa therapy

A tall, dark stranger was beating the metal bowl resting on my buttock with a lump of wood, and it wasn’t an unpleasant sensation.  Each strike produced a loud, echoing toll and incredible vibrations that shimmied through my body from top to toe. It was

Daily Mail, yesterday, 08:20

Getting a taste for America's super-hip city: A tour of Portland's parks, food trucks and MANY breweries

After getting off the train from the airport in the heart of downtown Portland, one thing immediately strikes you. It’s midweek, it’s the business district, yet not a single person is wearing a suit. A couple of blocks away on Alder Street, a giant car p

Daily Mail, yesterday, 08:20

Chilling on Crazy Coast: Serious relaxation in a corner of Kenya where everything's just a little bit loopy

You hear some cracking stories about beach life in southern Kenya – most of them addled, as Kenya is not the most logical place in the world.  A friend wanted to build his dream home on the beach here, and went looking for a plot of land.  Two estate age

Daily Mail, yesterday, 08:20

Let's go channel hopping: Jersey and Guernsey don't like each other, but they prove the perfect holiday match

Birth. Marriage. That elusive first couple of million.  The keys to Jersey life are fiendishly exclusive - only those who were born on the island, who are married to a native, or have a cool £1.75 million in the bank are automatically entitled to live he

Daily Mail, Saturday, 14:03

The pistes are alive with the sound of Mozart: Inside the composer's Austrian birthplace, a skiing region...

We call it the most beautiful cul-de-sac in the world, says our host, gesturing at the Alpine panorama. This particular no-throughroad lies beneath an impassable ring of peaks in a valley called Grossarltal. A jewel hidden within Austria’s Salzburg regio

Daily Mail, Saturday, 14:03

An Inspector Calls: Surrey's The Inn West End combines a cheery village atmosphere with great value food 

‘We’re rather like a motel,’ says Gerry, proprietor of The Inn West End near Woking, Surrey, when I call to make the booking. ‘But we don’t like to call it that, because we’re quite smart.’ A smart motel, then. Actually it’s a traditional pub, done up ta

Daily Mail, Saturday, 14:03

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