Thrill your teens - the USA way! No room for grumbling on this adrenaline-fuelled tour of San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and New York

The sinister sound of steel bars against bare concrete walls as every cell block door slammed shut simultaneously left us all silent in eerie fascination. 
'It sounded like a car wreck inside a wall,' recalls a former inmate of Alcatraz, the world's most hardcore prison. 'It was the true end of the line.' 
'Well, it's not that bad,' reasoned our teenage son. 'At least you got to be with all your mates.' 
Who was he kidding? Alcatraz, the grim, isolated rock in the middle of San Francisco Bay, housed the world's most dangerous criminals such as Al Capone, George 'Machine Gun' Kelly and Alvin... read more

11 October 2016 in Travel, Views: 44
Source: Daily Mail

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