Three-month-old girl has a sack of brain fluid on her neck that has grown BIGGER than her head

A three-month-old girl is desperately waiting for surgery to remove a lump on her neck that has grown bigger than her head.
Zareena Mangro, from Pakistan, was born with occipital encephalocele – a rare condition in which brain fluid bulges out of the skull bone. 
The baby was born with a mass the size of a golf ball but within three months it grew rapidly and she is now not able to turn her head.
Her parents, father Wajid Mangro, 37, and mother Nasreen Mangro, 24, are anxious to get a date for the operation to change their daughter's life.
They said Zareena, their third child, was born... read more

30 January 2018 in Health, Views: 34
Source: Daily Mail

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