This is why we’re all so scared of clowns

This is why we’re all so scared of clowns

Clowns are terrifying – fact. And the current craze for psycho clowns is doubly pant-wetting.
If criminals and d*ckheads started dressing as vampires to commit their crimes, they’d probably be laughed out of town. But when they wear those painted white masks, its like a nightmare come to life.
If you knock on this mysterious door in Shoreditch, you'll get to visit a mini version of Holland So why are we all so scared of clowns?
Sigmund Freud thought he had the answer in what he called ‘The Uncanny’ theory. He said we’re frightened by things we already have come into contact with.
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14 October 2016 in Lifestyle, Views: 36
Source: Metro

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