The fight for a new runway has made me grey, says the airport boss set for a £5m pay day if he gets his way

Being asked to guess someone's age is always disconcerting. So when Stewart Wingate, the chief executive of Gatwick, insists I take a stab at how old he is, I decide to err on the flattering side and plump for 48.
In reality, I imagine the genial north-easterner, who has rosy apple-cheeks but a mop of steel grey hair, is several years older, maybe 55.
Oops. He was 45 on Saturday. Clearly, he has been prematurely aged by his tireless championing of his airport in its fight with Heathrow for an extra runway.
Before I start to squirm too visibly, he admits as much. 'It's the effect of this... read more

10 October 2016 in Business, Views: 46
Source: Daily Mail

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