The bizarre 'star crab' covered in giant pointy spikes spotted in Taiwan

A new species of crab with star-shaped projections on its body has been found in Taiwan. 
The crab is distinct in that its carapace is covered with pointy protrusions, which becomes shorter and blunter as they age. 
Another second rare crab species, with bright orange to pink bodies, was also reported in Taiwan. 
THE RARE CRAB SPECIES  A new crab species, called  Pariphiculus stellatus, was found at a small seamount at Peng-Chia-Yu Island, Taiwan, and it's also been found in the Philippines. 
Its shell and chelipeds (leg pincers) are covered in pointy projections.
As the crabs age, the... read more

31 August 2017 in Science &Technology, Views: 56
Source: Daily Mail

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