Thanks love, but my name is Nicola

Thanks love, but my name is Nicola

0 Have your say We’ve all been there. When a complete stranger calls you ‘love’ or ‘darling’, how do you react?
Are you insulted or are you immediately imbued with a sense of cosy warmth from the uninvited familiarity?
I ,for one, fall into the first camp.
When a man, or for that matter a woman, labels me ‘sweetie’, ‘doll’ or ‘ball-breaker’, a little part of me dies inside.
This is the same part of me that withers when I pass a building site full of cat-calling workmen while wearing a skirt.
Or the bit that cries when a reader rings up to speak to the editor, then assumes I am ‘his’... read more

29 September 2016 in Regional North West , Views: 23
Source: Wigan Today

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