Still unsure whether or not you should carry a donor card? Then read this young couple's devastating story

The only thing that saved Luke Yates in the agonising weeks and months after his wife Sam’s death from cystic fibrosis was the knowledge that she would have wanted him to go on living.
When she died in his arms at the age of 28, his grief was so raw, so visceral that he thought he might lose his mind. 
Luke, a biomedical research scientist at Imperial College London, says he was ‘haunted by terrifying flashbacks of the day she died, obsessed with the idea that I could have done more.
‘For the first time in my life, my brain, the thing I relied on for my rationality, failed me. 
'I couldn’t... read more

10 October 2016 in Health, Views: 33
Source: Daily Mail

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