Spider with an alien face is no no no no no no no

Spider with an alien face is no no no no no no no

We’ve brought you some strange looking spiders in our time, but this eight-legged critter really takes the biscuit.
It doesn’t know whether it’s a spider or an alien. Either way, we’ve got the blow torch ready and we’re going to burn it with fire!
Hackers play hardcore porn film through billboard for five minutes Before you arachnophiles come to Metro HQ to protest, we aren’t really. It’s in western Russia and we don’t want to pay the air fare.
It was found in a flat in the city of Penza and posted online.
Naturally people were intrigued and wanted to know if it was poisonous.
A zoologist... read more

3 October 2016 in Hot News, Views: 27
Source: Metro

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