Sonic Forces review – gotta go fast and furious

Sonic Forces review – gotta go fast and furious

This year’s Sonic Mania was the best Sonic the Hedgehog game since the Mega Drive era, but what about this 3D follow-up?
You knew it wasn’t going to last. This year saw the one thing most gamers would’ve betted on never happening: a genuinely great Sonic The Hedgehog game. But even when Sonic Mania was released it felt like an anomaly. Created by fans, instead of the usual developers, it went against the grain of almost all other Sonic releases since the Mega Drive era. Sonic Forces though is very much business as usual. By which we mean it’s awful.
Okay, maybe awful is a bit strong. Sonic... read more

8 November 2017 in Showbiz, Views: 51
Source: Metro

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