'Smash a P*ki': Gang of school pupils launch vile race attack on Asian boy and post sick video online

A FERAL pack of 13-year-old neds beat up a schoolboy because of his race, then put a video of the assault on Twitter with the words, “Smash a P*ki.”
Police are treating it as a hate crime and two boys have been arrested. Shocked politicians and anti-racism campaigners described the attack in Edinburgh as despicable, vicious and vile.
The video shows the victim begging: “Leave me, please, please, please.”
But two attackers batter him to the ground while other boys stand around and egg them on.
The victim is punched and brutally kicked in the head. He tries repeatedly to escape but is thrown... read more

28 September 2016 in Regional, Views: 37
Source: Daily Record

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