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Scots designer creates ‘Space Poop’ pants for astronauts who need to answer call of nature

In space, no-one can hear you flush, but even astronauts tasked with pushing back the boundaries of science must answer nature’s call. Now, a young product designer from a Fife fishing village has helped to solve one of space travel’s most unsavoury conu

Scotsman, today, 00:57
Accenture to create 15,000 jobs in U.S.

Accenture to create 15,000 jobs in U.S.

Accenture Plc said on Friday it would create 15,000 "highly skilled" new jobs in the United States, as IT services firms brace for a more protectionist U.S. technology visa program under President Donald Trump. The company, which is...

Reuters, yesterday, 18:41

After night in cell, Samsung scion taken for questioning

Handcuffed and tied with white rope, the scion of one of the world's biggest conglomerates, Samsung Group, was taken on Saturday for questioning by South Korean authorities after spending a night in a small detention cell. Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee

Reuters, yesterday, 06:55

Is Snapchat working on a smartphone? Concept Android handset boasts a 360 degree camera and a home button...

Snapchat's next product could be an Android smartphone that positions the camera and messaging features at the forefront. A California-based marketing firm has unveiled a concept handset equip with a 360-degree camera, buttons that let users scroll throu

Daily Mail, Friday, 23:29

'Far exceeded my expectations': Face transplant recipient hails staggering results of his procedure just...

He'd been waiting for this day, and when his doctor handed him the mirror, Andy Sandness stared at his image and absorbed the enormity of the moment: He had a new face, one that had belonged to another man. His father and his brother, joined by several d

Daily Mail, Friday, 23:29

Dopamine in the brain helps mothers bond with their babies: Research could help develop therapies for...

Dopamine, the neurotransmitter involved in the brain's reward system, helps faciliate human bonding, research has found. The study involved scanning the brains of 19 mothers to find out which regions of their brain were active when they watched videos of

Daily Mail, Friday, 23:29
Exclusive : GM plans to build, test thousands of self-driving Bolts in 2018 - sources

Exclusive : GM plans to build, test thousands of self-driving Bolts in 2018 - sources

General Motors Co (GM.N) plans to deploy thousands of self-driving electric cars in test fleets in partnership with ride-sharing affiliate Lyft Inc, beginning in 2018, two sources familiar with the automaker’s plans said this week. It is expected to be t

Reuters, Friday, 22:38

S&P downgrade warning sends Toshiba shares falling

S&P Global Inc (SPGI.N) said in a report on Friday it could cut its rating of Toshiba Corp (6502.T) credit by several notches should the Japanese firm receive financial support that includes debt restructuring, sending Toshiba stock down 9...

Reuters, Friday, 22:38
Facebook CEO warns against reversal of global thinking

Facebook CEO warns against reversal of global thinking

Facebook Inc (FB.O) Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg laid out a vision on Thursday of his company serving as a bulwark against rising isolationism, writing in a letter to users that the company's platform could be the "social infrastructure"...

Reuters, Friday, 22:38

Tiny cosmic particles can cause planes to free-fall, freeze computers and can even change the outcome of...

Tiny cosmic particles can have serious impacts on Earth, causing election votes to be miscounted, planes to free-fall and computers to reboot, scientists say. These cosmic particles can hit electronic devices on Earth, which can cause components to burn

Daily Mail, Friday, 21:28

Is NASA hiding aliens? SIX UFOs crept past the ISS before a live feed was cut, conspiracy theorists claim

NASA has been accused of covering up an alien sighting after a video surfaced showing six UFOs passing the International Space Station live-stream seconds before the feed is cut and replaced with images from a camera showing the inside of a briefing room

Daily Mail, Friday, 21:28

Retro-looking instant camera that is made entirely from recycled paper and cardboard

A team of photography enthusiasts have made an instant camera from recycled paper and cardboard.  The camera, named Jollylook, has no electronic components and is made using only paper, a pair of lenses and a cartridge for film paper. The man who made th

Daily Mail, Friday, 19:16

Will you be able to use your FACE to unlock the iPhone 8? New handset 'will have a front-facing 3D laser...

You might be able to unlock the next iPhone without lifting a finger. Rumors about Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 8 suggest the firm is tossing out the Touch ID and replacing it with facial recognition technology. The smartphone would feature a front-

Daily Mail, Friday, 19:16

Hackers could take control of MILLIONS of smart cars through insecure Android apps

Apps continue to make our lives more convenient but at what cost?  Researchers at one Russian firm say that the price we pay is security, with their latest findings making worrying reading for users of Android car control apps. They have detected a 'vast

Daily Mail, Friday, 18:29

Images reveal that Elon Musk's tunnel under LA to dodge traffic really IS happening as a large pit is dug...

Elon Musk has been teasing his tunneling project since he first tweeted the idea during a frustrated rant aimed at LA's heavy traffic in December. The billionaire SpaceX and PayPal founder posted an image on Twitter of what appeared to be a tunnel boring

Daily Mail, Friday, 18:29

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