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Your iPhone's had a secret keyboard all this time - but activating it isn't straightforward

There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when there will be quite literally nothing our phones can't do. Until that day, however, we'll have to content ourselves with discovering all the tricks and hacks our phones have up their little sleeve

Daily Record, today, 14:47

Found, the battlefield that doomed Jerusalem: Site of Roman emperor' siege in A.D. 70 is found - complete...

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient tower thought to have once stood atop Jerusalem’s fabled ‘Third Wall,’ which was breached during the Roman emperor Titus’ siege of the city 2,000 years ago. The grisly battle ultimately led to the

Daily Mail, today, 00:52

Iceland is using 'Thor's hammer'  to harness the power of MAGMA: Drilling rig begins work on 3 mile hole to...

Iceland relies on geothermal for 65 percent of its energy and one group is using 'Thor' to harvest more of this power source. The Iceland Deep Drilling Project's rig is drilling three miles into old lava flows of  Reykjanes, with the hopes of producing t

Daily Mail, today, 00:52

The universe might NOT be expanding: Controversial new study claims dark energy theory is 'rather shaky'

Over the past two decades, scientists have widely grown to accept the idea that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace, driven by the mysterious ‘dark energy.’ The discovery, initially made in the 1990s, has earned a Nobel Prize in Physics and

Daily Mail, today, 00:52

The science of Halloween: Researchers reveal 'safe gross' is the appeal of the spooky celebration

The streets will soon be filled with terrifying monsters, gruesome zombies and evil clowns. Halloween is upon us and experts reveal why so many look forward to the gross and horrifying things that accompany this holiday – it's our desire to flirt with da

Daily Mail, today, 00:52

Is this Microsoft's Surface PC? Patent reveals sleek design set to be unveiled next week

Microsoft's Surface tablet has become a hit, with users praising its portability and ability to bring a 'real' computer to a touchscreen. Now, Microsoft hopes it can do the same for desktop PCs. The firm is rumoured to be putting the finishing touches to

Daily Mail, today, 00:52

Don't ban your kids from technology, but make sure they use it to 'connect and create': Experts reveal how...

Any time a new technology is introduced, it disrupts values, routines and behaviors.  This goes back well before the printing press replaced oral histories or the telephone replaced face-to-face conversations, but is evident today in our regular habits o

Daily Mail, today, 00:52

Cyber attacks knock Twitter and Spotify offline

A cyber attack that left Twitter and Spotify among a host of websites knocked offline has been resolved, the subject of the attack has claimed. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack - when a website is flooded with traffic until it can no longer

Scotsman, yesterday, 21:51
Mars probe Schiaparelli crash-landed and 'exploded' after hitting planet's surface

Mars probe Schiaparelli crash-landed and 'exploded' after hitting planet's surface

EUROPEAN Mars lander Schiaparelli has smashed into the Red Planet and exploded, dramatic satellite images suggest. Photos taken by a powerful camera on an American orbiting spacecraft appear to show evidence of the probe's 12m (39ft) diameter parachute a

Daily Record, yesterday, 21:22

How long should you let your kids go online for? Experts reveal more than two hours can impact on homework...

It's something parents have always suspected– children are spending too much time looking at a screen and it is affecting their school work. A new study reveals the more kids are plugged-in, the less likely they are to finish their homework. Researcher f

Daily Mail, yesterday, 21:17

Jupiter becomes a massive smiley face in one of the last images from Nasa's Juno spacecraft before its...

A new image from the Juno spacecraft appears to show Jupiter with a bright, smiling face. The smile is the product of the planet’s swirling atmosphere at the South Pole, according to Nasa, captured when Jupiter was only half-lit from JunoCam’s view. The

Daily Mail, yesterday, 21:17

Did you buy a 32GB iPhone 7? Then it could be EIGHT TIMES slower than the 128GB version

While the 32GB version of the iPhone 7 is the cheapest, at £599 ($649), it appears it may be significantly slower than its higher-storage counterparts. Testing by two separate sites has shown that the speed of reading data from the built-in storage in th

Daily Mail, yesterday, 21:17
New York governor approves new regulations on Airbnb

New York governor approves new regulations on Airbnb

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo approved legislation on Friday that would place new regulations on online home rental companies like Airbnb. Existing New York state law bars most urban apartment-dwellers from renting out their units for less than 30 days

Reuters, yesterday, 20:42

Two-wheel drive: China tech giants bet on 'Uber for bikes' in hunt for next unicorn

China's tech industry giants are sloughing hundreds of millions of dollars into what they're betting will be the country's next big internet craze - 'Uber for bikes'. A symbol of China's cities long before a boom in cars, snarling traffic and smog, the h

Reuters, yesterday, 20:42

European probe EXPLODED on Mars' surface: First images reveal Schiaparelli's crash site

Nasa has pinpointed the location of the ESA's lost ExoMars lander. New data from the American space agency's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has identified new markings on the surface of the red planet that are believed to be related to the Schiaparelli land

Daily Mail, yesterday, 19:21

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