Savour the new Santorini: Author Giles Milton discovers the days of barely drinkable retsina are long gone as he embarks on an epicurean odyssey in the Aegean

I must have been about ten when we went on a family holiday to Santorini. The airport was an old concrete shack, and tourists were still a novelty. Greece’s most seductive island was as Greek as a glass of cheap retsina.
Indeed, retsina was everywhere back then. 
When my father ordered wine to go with his dinner and was given the local resinous plonk, he sent it back, saying it tasted strange. The restaurant owner politely informed him that Greek wines were meant to taste strange.
What a difference 40 years has made. Santorini, along with its glittering sister islands in the Cyclades, has... read more

2 October 2016 in Travel, Views: 41
Source: Daily Mail

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