RIP tattoo a clue in Spain murder arrest

RIP tattoo a clue in Spain murder arrest

Police in Spain who arrested a murder suspect may have been handed a large clue through one of his tattoos.
The unnamed man was sought by German police after the murder of his girlfriend in Bavaria.
Authorities did not know when she died, but one of the man's tattoos gives her name, Lisa, and date of death - 27 October 2016.
The man was held in Lloret de Mar, in Catalonia, with their 18-month-old son, who was in good health.
The woman's body was found by her mother last week. She was found in a block of flats in the town of Freyung, close to the Czech border.
An initial autopsy showed that... read more

20 November 2016 in World News, Views: 68
Source: BBC

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