Posing with meat cleavers and samurai swords ... the knife-obsessed thug who stabbed two men in a drink and drug-fuelled rage

A knife obsessive who went on a week-long drink and drugs binge then stabbed two people has been jailed for 12 years.
Dane Molloy - who bragged on Facebook of being a ‘secret ninja’ and posed for photos brandishing swords and meat cleavers - knifed one man in the chest and another in the leg at a houxse in Rhyl.
He claimed he had been “only kidding” as blood gushed from the leg wound.
He had been on a suspended sentence at the time for another violent crime, and was said be in a rage because he wasn’t able to get access to his children.
He drank and took drugs almost solidly for a week and... read more

26 September 2017 in Regional North West , Views: 36
Source: Daily Post

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