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Lesley Riddoch: Missile misfire in more ways than one

The Trident troubles and Trump presidency should trigger a complete re-think on our defence, writes Lesley Riddoch “For many decades, we’ve … subsidized the armies of other countries, while allowing for the very sad depletion of our military. We’ve defen

Scotsman, today, 09:04

Theresa May and Donald Trump ‘will hold trade talks this week’

Theresa May and Donald Trump will hold talks this week on slashing tariffs on existing trade between Britain and the United States and making it easier for workers to move between the two countries, it has been reported. The Prime Minister will be the fi

Scotsman, today, 07:56

Cautious optimism for finance sector after gloomy 2016

Confidence among Britain’s financial services firms dropped again in the last three months of 2016, although some sectors forecast an improvement in business conditions in the current quarter, according to research published today. The latest survey of f

Scotsman, today, 07:22

Ex-SNP spin doctor Kevin Pringle: Yes vote would win in 2018

ALEX Salmond’s former spin doctor has predicted a Yes vote would triumph if a referendum for Scottish independence was held in 2018. Kevin Pringle said he believed the Yes side would be successful next year due to the “Brexit situation”. Speaking on BBC

Scotsman, today, 07:06

Brian Monteith: Nicola Sturgeon caught in her own Groundhog Day

The First Minister is caught in her own Groundhog Day. She goes to bed every night hoping that tomorrow will be different, but every morning she wakens up to find we are still leaving the European Union. How often does the First Minister have to set her

Scotsman, today, 06:52

Leader comment: Trump starts picking fights

Barely a day into his presidency and Donald Trump has fired a ­broadside – another one – at the US media. That his grievance is over the ­numbers of people who attended his inauguration ­compared with the attendance at Barack Obama’s inauguration borders

Scotsman, today, 06:43
The creaking justice system is failing victims and relatives and questions must be answered

The creaking justice system is failing victims and relatives and questions must be answered

Justice for all should mean equal justice and humane justice. It is clear from the reports we carry today that the Crown Office are creaking at the seams when it comes to providing basic services to the victims and relatives of crime. At one end of the c

Daily Record, today, 06:17
Nicola Sturgeon on why Scotland is growing to be better than ever before

Nicola Sturgeon on why Scotland is growing to be better than ever before

By the time you’re reading this, unless you’re a very early bird, I’ll be on my way to London for one of my regular visits to promote Scotland as a great place to live, work and do business. It’s an important part of my job - and it is made so much easie

Daily Record, today, 06:17

Theresa May faces calls to come clean on failed Trident test

Theresa May is facing calls to come clean over a failed test of the Trident nuclear deterrent amid claims the government acted like North Korea in covering up the incident. The Prime Minister failed to answer several direct questions on her knowledge of

Scotsman, today, 00:09

SNP to reject Commons vote on Brexit as Indyref2 clock ticks

SNP MPs at Westminster will vote against the Article 50 to trigger Brexit and the “clock is ticking” towards a second independence referendum, Scotland Brexit minister Michael Russell has said. He insisted the 54 Nationalist MPs would not back the “inwar

Scotsman, today, 00:09

Labour to reject SNP Budget as pressure builds on MacKay

The Scottish Government is under growing pressure to water down its Budget ­proposals or face the prospect of it being rejected at Holyrood after Labour called for the opposition to “unite” against the spending plans. Proposals to axe £327 million from d

Scotsman, today, 00:09

Livingston is Scotland’s top performer in house price growth

House price growth in Britain’s new towns has outperformed the national average, a report has found. Livingston is Scotland’s best performer in terms of house price growth, the report found, with a 423 per cent rise over the past 30 years in the average

Scotsman, today, 00:09

Agency nurses paid £1500 for shifts at Scottish hospitals

Agency nurses are being paid a “staggering” £1,500 a shift by Scottish hospitals as they struggle cover staffing shortages. The payouts have been branded a “slap in the face” to staff nurses who are working for a “fraction of the price”. Figures uncovere

Scotsman, today, 00:09

Police: Human trafficking cases ‘could rise’ with new laws

Police have warned they expect to see a rise in human trafficking cases as a result of laws that put an onus on ­public bodies to raise concerns. The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act requires those working in the public sector to notify

Scotsman, today, 00:09

Leader comment: Row over nuclear missile is more heat than light

Reports that a Trident missile, a critical component of the UK’s defence system, veered off course during a test last June cannot but be of ­concern. That the incident took place before a crucial Commons vote on renewal of the ­Trident system and that Pr

Scotsman, today, 00:09

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