Plastic £10 notes: When, why and who will be pictured?

Plastic £10 notes: When, why and who will be pictured?

Whether you love or hate the look and feel of new plastic fiver, brace yourself, there’s a plastic tenner on the way.
Here’s all you need to know about the plans by the Bank of England to change the look of the money in your pocket again.
Why have the notes been changed? The Bank of England say they were easily torn and the bank also want to clamp down on forgeries - so tenners will also become plastic.
What will the new £10 notes look like? They will be smaller, just like the new fivers, and have that same crisp feel about them similar to the Australian dollars some of us might have seen... read more

19 October 2016 in Regional North East, Views: 33
Source: Gazette Live

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