Paralysed kitten put to sleep after drinking anti-freeze - could it be 25th victim of poisoner?

A heartbroken cat owner has been left devastated after her cat died of anti-freeze poisoning near the scene of 24 similar killings.
Eleven-month-old Libby was found paralysed, hiding under a bed in her family home.
Lili Coupland was on holiday when her cat became ill.
Lili, who came home to the bad news, said: "I was so angry and devastated. She was a very friendly cat and still very young.
"I would like to urge other cat owners to be careful letting their cats out and to keep an eye on them."
Sister Mel was looking after the cat, along with another two, at the time.
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6 October 2016 in Regional East, Views: 28

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