Now you get just €0.88 for your holiday pound: Yes, that's the shocking rate now as Sterling continues to slide over hard Brexit fears - so where CAN you find the best deals? 

The woman behind the counter at the bureau de change in Stansted Airport looks miserable. It's late on a Monday afternoon — and the day must feel like it's dragging on.
After all, telling holidaymakers they'll get only €0.95 for £1 can't go down well.
'Wow, I'm sure the official rate is better than that — why do I get so little?' I venture, tentatively.
'That's just the rate,' the blonde woman in her 30s replies with a shrug. Sensing her dark mood, I try to be sympathetic: 'Long day?'
'That's just the rate,' she repeats sharply, her stony-faced expression unchanged.
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12 October 2016 in Business, Views: 55
Source: Daily Mail

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