Newsreader can’t stop giggling during story about a man who lived as a goat

A Canadian newsreader caught an absolutely uncontrollable fit of giggles while discussing a man who lived as a goat.
It might be the bit where the man wearing the fake ‘goat legs’ is eating the grass which does it.
To be fair to CTV Winnipeg News anchor Maralee Caruso, the story is an unusual one.
Tom Thwaites came up with the idea of living for days as a goat as a way to escape modern life – and persuaded a prosthetics expert, Dr Glyn Heath at Salford University, to make him ‘goat legs’.
Thwaites was ‘honoured’ with an Ig Nobel prize – an award for bizarre scientific research – this week... read more

27 September 2016 in Hot News, Views: 49
Source: Metro

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