My brother wants to force our elderly parents to tell him what's in their will - and change it if he's not happy. Can they keep it secret?

My eldest brother wants to see our parents' wills and mine to see what is left to him so he can plan for his future and make sure his children are ok.
He has his own house, pension, is on his second marriage and has also taken early retirement due to ill health. Our parents are both poorly and I'm their main carer.
I still live at home and dropped my hours so I can do more for them. I do not have a pension so mum and dad have made sure that the house comes to me.
My other brother is happy with this, but this one thinks he should get his share and if he doesn't like what's in the will he... read more

14 October 2016 in Business, Views: 35
Source: Daily Mail

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