Mother blames ‘teenageism’ for daughter being late for school

Mother blames ‘teenageism’ for daughter being late for school

When a woman’s daughter asked her to write a letter explaining to the school why she was late, she had a pretty original response.
She wrote the letter as requested – but in the note, Nicole Poppic blamed her 14-year-old daughter’s lateness on ‘teenage-ism’.
Woman finds burglars having sex on her sofa ‘Cara is tardy this morning as a result of a condition known as teenage-ism,’ Nicole, a 34-year-old from California, wrote.
‘Adolescents across our great nation are afflicted, and there is no known cure.
‘Symptoms are multitudinous, but this particular morning, she suffered from an inability... read more

27 September 2016 in Hot News, Views: 38
Source: Metro

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